Woman posed as boy to get to girls

Patricia Dye

Patricia Dye

Police: Woman Posing As Boy Charged In Sex Case:

Second Claim Filed Against Woman Who Posed As Boy:

31-year-old Patricia Dye (pictured) of Franklin, Ohio not only posed as a teen boy online but she also allegedly posed as one in real life in order to allegedly have romantic relationships with teen girls.

On MySpace and Facebook she used the names of Matt Abrams and Matthew Thomas Abrams.

She allegedly had a relationship with two girls. One only went as far as kissing while the other was said to be sexual. Neither girl realized that Dye was a woman.

Dye even went so far as to allegedly used her father to pose as Abrams’ ‘Grandpa Ralph’. I wonder what his deal is.

Dye has been charged with corruption of a minor and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, or again as I like to call it child rape.

Considering the lengths she went to in order to seduce these girls I can’t even imagine any type of defense that could be possibly mounted besides insanity.