Mutant king gets probation

Newark man who threatened Columbine detective given probation:

So if some guy in his late 20’s from Ohio e-mailed threats to a police officer, claimed he knew a mass murderer, then claimed the mass murder was his idea what kind of sentence do you think he would get? You’d think he at least get a few years for violently threatening a cop right? Wrong!!!!

Patrick Gauchel threatened one of the Jefferson County Sheriffs who investigated Columbine and all he got was five years probation, a $750 fine, and has been banned from the internet for 5 years.

Add Judge Thomas Marcelain to the list of judges that must be on crack. At the very least this nutbag, Gauchel, should have sent to the squirrel factory for an extended stay.

Ohio mutant claims Columbine was his idea

Newark man claims he suggested Columbine attack:

You may remember the tales of Patrick Gauchel that I’ve posted before.

First he was arrested for threatening violent harassing messages to the lead Columbine investigator. Then he claimed that he was in contact with cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold prior to Columbine. According to the article he has also sent threats to the parents of Columbine victims

Now he’s claiming that Columbine was his idea…

“The suspect also stated it was his idea for the Columbine shooting, and it was not Eric’s fault for what happened,” Detective Cliff Biggers wrote.

Cliff Biggers is an awesome name for a cop, but I digress.

By claiming that Columbine wasn’t the fault of Eric Harris this may just make Gauchel the king of all mutants, which is kind of like being the president of NAMBLA. It makes him the ultimate Columbine apologist by saying that his hero is innocent.

The following quote though explains everything…

Other messages included in the update are nonsensical.

As he noted in his report, Biggers said Gauchel appears to have mental health issues.

Most mutants do.

Ohio mutant claims he knew shooter

Man arrested in threats claims he corresponded with Columbine shooter:

Yesterday I posted about a mutant from Newark, Ohio named Patrick Gauchel and the classic signs of mutantdom he displayed by sending threatening messages to the lead Columbine investigator.

Now comes to us another article which displays an even deeper sign of mutantcy, claiming to have a personal relationship with one of the Columbine shooters.

In an exclusive interview with NBC4 on Saturday, Gauchel said he had correspondence with Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters. He told the station he was so upset about the way Battan conducted the investigation that he sent her threatening e-mails.

He said the e-mails contained things like, “I’ll pay someone to rape her,” NBC4 reported.

The station reported Gauchel said he had a fascination with the Columbine case, but his correspondence with Battan was “just e-mail.”

They always claim they knew Eric Harris for some reason, never Dylan Klebold. If as many people who claimed to have been friends with Eric Harris were actually friends with him he would have been the most popular kid in Colorado.

You only have to go as far as my mail section to see other delusional souls such as this.

Ohio mutant arrested for threats

Newark man accused of sending threatening email to Columbine investigator:

28-year-old Patrick James Gauchel of Newark, Ohio has been arrested for sending threatening e-mails to an investigator of the Columbine massacre.

Gauchel is accused of sending “threatening, intimidating and retaliation-type messages” to Kate Battan, an investigator with the Jefferson County sheriff’s office in Golden, Colo., Newark Police Capt. Al Zellner said yesterday.

Gauchel did not know Battan but apparently was familiar with her role in investigating the massacre in Littleton, Colo., on April 20, 1999.

I can almost guarantee you that Gauchel is a mutant. E-mailing someone connected to the Columbine tragedy is like getting an autograph to them. Alvaro Castillo sent an e-mail to the principal of Columbine, Frank DeAngelis, before he went on his shooting spree. I know of at least one un-incarcerated mutant that e-mailed Mr. DeAngelis.

Mutants also think they have a better understanding of Columbine even though none of them were there. But since most of them are mental midgets they can’t get their point across without resorting to threats.

Getting back to Gauchel he must have been 19 or 20 when Columbine happened. You would think one would be out of high school by that age but you never know. I’m curious to see how Gauchel identifies with Columbine considering he shouldn’t have even been in school when it happened.

Gauchel is looking at a max of 6 years behind bars.