Patrick Lee Kenney

Man arrested after MySpace exchanges with girl:

25-year-old Patrick Lee Kenney of Portland, Oregon was arrested for trying to meet a 12-year-old from Klamath Falls for sex. The girl’s mother found explicit messages and photos from Kenney. She then called police who posed as the girl and continued to talk to Kenney. Turns out Kenney has family in Klamath Falls and asked to meet the girl. You know what happens next. You know it. Police were waiting for him and arrested him. He tried the “she said she was 15” defense. Oregon age of consent is 18.

I found a couple of MySpaces that fit the bill one is set to private and one is by an obvious horndog. However without a pic or mugshot I can’t narrow them down. Hell, they both might be his but without a pic to compare with I can’t post either.

Thanks to Pilar for the link.

UPDATE: One of the commenters below says that this is Kenney’s MySpace.