Reader sends in PayPal scam

I received the following e-mail from reader Caleb about the amount and frequency of scams he encountered on craigslist.

I have a Laptop that I am selling on craigslist, And I read this site everyday, so needless to say, i’m not new to scams. I received 3 scams in a matter of hours, and they just made me laugh. I actually got two identical scams from 2 different people. But thanks to your site, as soon as I read that I needed to send money overseas, I knew it was a scam. Thank You…

This One was sent from Nick and Nate about 30 minutes apart.

Thanks for your response. I will not be able to pay cash right now, as I am not here in town at this moment. I would like to get your item as a gift for someone and would appreciate it you will allow me to pay for it thru Paypal. I will add $100 to cover your costs of shipping it. If you send me your paypal email address, I will make the payment.If you don’t have paypal just log on to and set up one. Is free and secure,IT GUARANTEES TRANSACTION SAFETY.

Please get back to me ASAP so I can know for sure if I will be getting your item.

And finally this one, they wanted me to send the product to Michigan, without looking, negotiating or even talking about the product. They were willing to give me extra money for my trouble = SCAM.

Hello am still interested in the item i will want you to get to me with your paypal so i could make your payment and i want you to ship it to Michigan for my distance friend for a xmas gift and i will pay you $70 for the shipping i guess that is ok…Hope to read from you soon

Hello am still interested? Apparently Cookie Monster has become a Nigerian scammer.

You’d think that since the scammer was using PayPal that it wasn’t a scam, however this article from the Inquirer shows that scammers could end up with both their money and the item.

Thanks Caleb for bringing this to my attention.