Indiana man made fake Facebook of his rape victim to stalk his ex

Travis Allen Davis

Travis Allen Davis

Indiana man charged with stalking Pa. woman using Facebook page in name of woman he raped:

23-year-old Travis Allen Davis of New Castle, Indiana is one sick son of a bitch. He pleaded guilty to raping an ex-girlfriend of his in Ohio. He broke into her house armed and handcuffed her and raped her. Apparently that wasn’t enough to keep him behind bars or to keep a gun out of his hands.

Davis is now accused of creating a fake Facebook profile of his rape victim in order to stalk his most recent ex. Using the fake profile he threatened the woman, now living in Pennsylvania, saying that if she didn’t return to Davis he would send a video of them having sex. The woman was unaware that she was being filmed while having sex with Davis.

How the hell does this douchebag keep getting women? He looks like a douchey version of Screech.

Anyway Davis was found outside of the woman’s Pennsylvania home in his car. He was armed with a .45, three magazines filled with bullets and box cutters and had a stolen Pennsylvania plate taped over his Indiana plate.

I wonder if this latest charge will keep him behind bars. You would think that the Ohio courts would have held him until sentencing since he basically admitted he was a rapist.