Trench pisses on your UC Davis outrage


They’re lucky this is all they got

As usual when the hysterical masses are outraged about something it usually turns out that they only have half the story. Now the other half is finally coming out about the pepper spraying incident at UC Davis.

Please check out the following video which shows what really happened at UC Davis.

For those of you with ADD, I’ll summarize.

The UC Davis police arrested some Occupy protesters for not dispersing when asked. Again you have the right to peaceably assemble just not on property that’s owned by someone else, in this case, the state of California. A throng of protesters then surrounds police refusing to allow the police to leave. In essence that is holding the police hostage. The protesters were repeatedly asked to move and when they did not they were pepper sprayed.

For those of you who did watch the video you may say *annoying hippy voice here* “But Trench at the 12-minute mark of the video the police had their guns drawn and we’re going to shoot the peaceful protesters.” To you, I say get some knowledge. Any 13-year-old could tell you that those guns were paintball guns. Police use them to fire pepper spray projectiles which at the worst can cause a welt.

If you really think about it the police showed tremendous restraint here. One wrong move by the protesters and this could have easily turned into a bloodbath.

So the bottom line is they were not peaceful protesters as some would have you think. They were hostage takers and those hostages were the very police whose duty it is to protect us. They also have a duty to protect themselves.

I’m sure this will mostly fall on deaf ears, or blind eyes as the case may be, due to partisan hackery and people with ‘fuck the police’ mindsets. That’s your loss for not wanting to admit the truth.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for sharing the video with me.

Mom maced daughters for stopping her from driving drunk

PD: Tempe mom arrested for pepper spraying daughters:

That’s 35-year-old Michelle Antone of Tempe, Arizona. She was arrested after she allegedly pepper sprayed her daughters, ages 15 and 10. It seems that she was drunk when she woke up at 4pm on Saturday afternoon. She was so belligerent with her daughters they left the house. When they returned 2 hours later Antone demanded her car keys which were locked away where Antone couldn’t get them. So for saving her life and probably others Antone sprayed her daughters with pepper spray.

No word on if the daughters were placed somewhere else or not.

When dealing with booze moderation is the key people. You may thing you’re so cool when you’re plastered but you’re not.

Thanks to Lady Jade for the tip.