More on the Pennsylvania pedophile that perused a personal ad

Mt. Washington Man Charged After Responding To Teen’s Ad On Craigslist:

This is a follow-up to the post I did about 38-year-old Mark Nernberg who responded to the personal ad of a 14-year-old boy.

According to police in Mt. Washington, PA the boy did in fact take out the personal ad on craigslist and it stated that he was looking for sex between consenting adults. However police say that Nernberg knew the kid was under age.

Good job to the parents who allowed their kid to post this ad.

Pedophile answers 14-year-old’s personal ad

Mark Nernberg

Mark Nernberg

Mt. Washington man charged with sexual abuse of a minor:

Creepy child molester looking guy over there is 38-year-old Mark Nernberg of Mt. Washington, PA. He was arrested for…you guessed it…child molestation.

He allegedly responded to the 14-year-old boy’s personal ad on craigslist. I’ll get to that in a second.

Anyway police found the pair in a park engaged in what police called “inappropriate activity”.

Now back to the personal ad. I’m not going to even try to guess why this kid placed a personal ad on craigslist but I think I have a good reason why. However where were this kid’s parents when he was posting a personal ad on craigslist?

Have you ever read the personals on craigslist? There’s some pretty depraved people out there.

I bet you think I’m going to ask why wasn’t his personal ad flagged by the ‘community’ for being under age. Well I just went over the craigslist TOU and I couldn’t find any kind of age restrictions on it.

Nice business practice.