Peter Langman dispels the myth

Book: Columbine shooters mentally ill, not bullied:

This is a great article about child psychologist Peter Langman and his new book “Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters”. This is one of those articles that I’m not going to get into much since it’s one of those rare ones that are worth reading from start to finish.

However, you had to know that was coming, I wanted to share a quote with you on Dr. Langman’s views on what I like to call the bullying myth as it refers to school shootings…

The most prevalent misconception about school shootings, Langman contends, is that they are perpetrated by loners or outcasts striking out against classmates who bullied them. In reality, most shooters were teased no more or no less than their peers, most had friends, and most of the victims were targeted at random.

But to a public grasping for easy answers, “retaliation makes sense. Kid’s picked on, comes to school, gets revenge. There’s a clarity to that that we can all relate to,” Langman says.

“I think a lot of people like a simple answer,” he continues, “because if there’s a simple answer maybe there’s a simple solution.”

That sounds eerily familiar. Like someone I know has pretty much said the same thing.

Anyway I’m going to see what I can do about getting my hands on the book to have Jade give it a proper review.