Comic Recommendation: The Black Hood


I can’t recommend this comic enough. The Black Hood is about a Philadelphia cop who kills the resident vigilante and then through his personal demons takes over as The Black Hood.

Originally I picked this up because I read that it took place in Philly. Writer Duane Swiercyznski is a resident of Philly and does a great job with a very accurate portrayal of the city.

The publisher is Dark Circle Comics which is an imprint of Archie Comics of all companies. This is a very mature comic and the first comic under the Archie banner to use the word fuck.

It’s currently three issues in so you should be able to find all of them.

Philly mayor signs anti-vaping laws

His Smugness Mayor Michael Nutter

His Smugness Mayor Michael Nutter

Yesterday Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia signed anti-vaping legislation that will go into effect on July 1st. As is the norm with these type of laws it was done for all the wrong reasons.

The laws will first ban the selling of e-cigs and vaporizers to minors. This is nothing more than what I like to call feel good legislation. It makes the politicians look good and their constituents feel good even though they’re putting a stop to something that wasn’t happening anyway. I live in the land of tobacco and you’d think that if there were an epidemic of kids getting cigarettes or their electronic equivalents from merchants you think it would be happening here. It isn’t and as far as I know it’s not happening anywhere else. Am I saying it doesn’t happen at all? Of course not but it’s not happening on the level that the politicians and busybodies think it is. Every merchant that I’ve ever made a purchase from has a sign letting customers know that the items in question will not be sold to minors. So Nutter is just putting a law into effect that the vaping community was already enforcing on its own.

The other law is also more of the same, it bans vaping in public places. Again I really don’t have that much of a problem with this because vaping allows me to go longer without a hit than smoking did. Not to mention if anyone is going into a public place to raise a stink that they’re vaping and not smoking is not helping their cause.

You would think that Philadelphia had more pressing matters on its hands like rampant crime, poverty and poor education but I guess they got all that sorted out.

Sex trafficking by force is an oxymoron

Jerel Jackson

Philly man faces charges of sex-trafficking by force:

For the not so latest online human trafficking news we return to Philadelphia where 28-year-old Jerel Jackson has been charged with allegedly prostituting several women on Backpage. Police say that he started ‘relationships’ with some of his victims before turning them out.

In one case, according to court papers, after two weeks of dating a woman he announced to her he was a pimp and that their relationship was changing. “You my bitch, you gonna have to work for me,” he told her.

Of course which brings us to the point of this post. Jackson, aka Jinx, would use violence to keep his girls in line including choking one of them who he accused of holding out on him. Jackson has been charged with sex trafficking by force which is an oxymoron because no one is ever trafficked willingly but if that’s what it takes to put these scumbags behind bars longer I’m all for it. Oh wait, Jackson is only looking at 15 years because no one gives a rat’s ass about the victims being trafficked which in this case also included an underage girl.

The only way justice will be served here is if Jackson is someone else’s bitch for 15 years and for all of Backpage’s money that they make of the backs and blood of these women mysteriously disappears.

Philly area Backpage child pimp sentenced

Craig “Geez” Johnson. I think he’s indicating what he’s going to get from his new cellie.

Indiscreet pimp gets 24 years for sex trafficking teen runaways:

Craig “Geez” Johnson was recently sentenced to 24 years behind bars for prostituting underage girls in Philadelphia and neighboring Bucks County. Of course he used Backpage to advertise the girls. Geez must be a master criminal to get around Backpage’s protocols to prevent children from being trafficked. Oh wait, that’s right. Any idiot can get around them if they even truly exist.

Anyway this is how little Geez cared about the law. He would brag on his Facebook about his ‘business’…

A female friend reprimanded him. “This is not somethin u put on facebook… and show there(sic) faces, too,” she said

Johnson shot back, “You know what i do, they my girls they work for me i can put anybody i want uphere(sic) its call advertisement.”

So Johnson refers to his girls like you or would to a used car or a TV.

One of his victims claims she went on 50 dates for Johnson in 10 days. That means she was raped by 50 ‘hobbyists’ in 10 days who probably didn’t care that she was underage.

Prostitution is not a victimless crime no matter how you look at it and Backpage collecting money for it is just rubbing salt into the wounds of its victims.

Philly Breeders starve 3-year-old girl to death

Rivera and Ramirez

Parents charged with murder in starvation death of 3-year-old girl:

Ah Philadelphia, how I do not miss your barbarism towards your fellow-man. City of brotherly love my ass.

This time the participants are 30-year-old Carlos Rivera and 27-year-old Carmen Ramirez. They’ve been accused of allegedly starving Nathalyz Rivera, their 3-year-old daughter, to death. When Rivera found little Nathalyz unconscious instead of calling 911 he called Ramirez who was at a male friend’s house. Ramirez and the male friend came over and THEN took Nathalyz to the hospital.

The M.E. ruled her death homicide by starvation and said that she showed obvious signs of abuse. The Captain of Philadelphia’s homicide unit said it was one of the worst cases of abuse that he’s seen. When a Captain of the Philadelphia homicide unit says something is the worst he’s ever seen you can take his word for it because Philly is never short on atrocities. Police also say that Ramirez claimed that Nathalyz was a special needs child which makes me wonder if they were just starving her or the other four kids as well.

Police are still investigating and asking the public for tips…

As this investigation continues, anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477), text a tip to PPD TIP (773847) or through

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

Craigslist killing in Philadelphia

Willow Grove man arrested in Craigslist murder:

Willow Grove man arrested in ‘Craigslist murder’:

Police Release More Details in Alleged Craigslist Killing:

Thomas Coffee

Once again I find myself having to apologize for the tardiness of my posts. As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been having some personal issues and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. However that should be no excuse. As bad as I have it there are people who have it worse.

For example a few Friday nights ago in Philadelphia 27-year-old Daniel Cooke, of Williamstown,New Jersey went to Philadelphia with a few friends. Not unheard of as Philly is a known nightspot for some of those in South Jersey. However Daniel was not going to Philly for a night on the town. Daniel and his friends went to the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia to look at an ATV that had been advertised on craigslist. That’s where police say that he met up with 23-year-old Thomas Coffee.

Witnesses say that Coffee walked Daniel down the street and when was out of eyesight Coffee allegedly robbed Cooke and shot him in the face. Cooke died from his wounds at the scene. There was never any ATV according to police. Investigators say that this was a premeditated attack perpetrated by Coffee in order to lure and rob someone. Coffee is said to have a lengthy criminal record.

Even though Daniel Cooke may have made several mistakes in what he thought was a good faith business transaction Craigslist will try to tell you that there are safe ways to conduct business through craigslist. There aren’t. It doesn’t matter if you have friends with you or if you meet the seller or buyer during the day. I have posted story after story about people being attacked in what a lot of people would think are reasonably safe. That just means the safer you try to be the more brazen the criminal will try to act.

Do yourself a favor and avoid craigslist. They have lost the war to the criminals not that they ever put up much of a fight.

UPDATE 8/10/2015: Last week Coffee was convicted and sentenced to life without parole while maintaining his innocence. He claims that Cooke was killed by a biking friend of his named “Stead.” I believe that’s called the imaginary friend defense.

Feds charge ‘Gucci Prada’ with being a Backpage child pimp

What a GIS brought up for ‘Gucci Prada’

Feds: Couple forced underage girl, others into Philly prostitution:

Federal investigators have charged Christian Dior Womack, aka Gucci Prada, of Chester, Pennsylvania of running a prostitution ring in Philadelphia that included at least one underage girl who was advertised on Backpage. Ok, hold up for a minute so we can get the tee-hee tickle party put of the way first. Your government name is Christian Dior but you use Gucci Prada as your street name? I’m going to start calling myself London Fog Burberry.

What Womack did was far from funny though. He’s accused of using coercion and threats of violence to turn out the underage girl. He’s also accused of forcing at least two women at gunpoint to work for him. Arrested as his accomplice and equal partner was Rashidah “Camille” Brice.

The lack of detail on their crimes is disheartening because it shows how little that some media outlets care about the online sex trafficking of underage girls. We already know how little Backpage cares.

UPDATE 12/2014: Womack was convicted and sentenced to life behind bars for trafficking a child.

Philly Breeder was just trying to knock dog off of bed

Samuel Cabrera (Angry looking little troll isn’t he?)

Father Accused of Beating 3-Month-Old Son to Death:

Earlier this month 3-month-old Samuel Cabrera Jr. of Philadelphia was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We’ll get to the who and why in a moment.

Samuel Jr. was rushed to the hospital for being unresponsive and doctor’s noticed he was covered in bruises. As is all too usual in these cases the Breeders gave conflicting stories. The egg layer stated that the bruises were from the baby’s father performing CPR. The sperm donor in question, 27-year-old Samuel Cabrera, allegedly told police that he was trying to knock the dog off of the bed. Cabrera the elder must have some massive leg strength then because reports say that Samuel Jr. had broken bones, a crushed liver, a crushed spleen and all of his abdominal organs had been crushed. That’s one hell of a nudge because it doesn’t sound anything like that he was beating the baby repeatedly in the abdomen.

Cabrera’s 15-month-old daughter is also said to have bruises and is now living with a relative. His squeeze’s kids have also been removed from the home however she has not been charged as of yet.

I lived in and around Philly most of my life. It’s kind of like a prison. Most everybody is up to some kind of no good (at least in the neighborhoods that I’m familiar with) yet when a child is harmed it can galvanize the city or a neighborhood. I don’t believe in vigilantism but if there was ever someone who was in desperate need of good old-fashioned Philly street justice it’s this scumbag. Maybe instead they should let the top MMA guys use him as a human sparring dummy. That way he could feel just a fraction of what he put his own defenseless flesh and blood through.

Thanks to Warrior Artemis for the tip.

Philly man charged with raping and turning out teen on craigslist…yes, craigslist

Samuel Ferraro

Samuel Ferraro

Philadelphia Man Facing Charges For Allegedly Luring Teen And Pimping Her Out On Craigslist:

21-year-old Samuel Ferraro of Philadelphia has been arrested recently and accused of repeatedly raping a 17-year-old girl and turning her out on Backp…wait. Is that right? It seems that it is. Ferraro is accused of turning the girl out for prostitution on craigslist.

Ferraro allegedly took the girl to Minnesota where he forced her to be raped by other men while he collected the money. He’s also accused of repeatedly raping the girl and threatening her with violence if she didn’t work for her.

Investigators are concerned there may be more victims, and anyone with information on Ferraro should contact the District Attorney’s Office at 215-686-5874.

Ferraro is currently being held without bail.

But let’s back up for a second. Didn’t craigslist do away with the erotic/adult services section some time ago. Yet there’s still human trafficking occurring on their site. I’m shocked. And by shocked I mean not shocked at all. All the more reason why craigslist needs to monitor and moderate their own site. The community policing did nothing to prevent the repeated rapes of this 17-year-old girl yet the media is till giving craigslist a pass. I guess it only takes grand gestures to stop sex trafficking, or at least it seems that’s what the media thinks.

Philly girls soccer coach sentenced for MySpace sex charges

Vincent Mickle

Vincent Mickle

Former Phila. girls soccer coach sentenced on sex charges:

I’ve posted about Vincent Mickle of Philadelphia before. He was the girls soccer coach who was arrested back in March of 2010 for posing as a 17-year-old on MySpace in order to get minor girls to have sex with him. He would also use the old supplying them with booze and weed because let’s face it, there’s no way he can pass as 17.

Mickle pleaded guilty back in June of 2011 to charges of criminal solicitation to commit sexual acts with someone under age 16, unlawful sexual contact with minors, criminal solicitation to commit statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors, and child pornography. The child porn charges stem from the fact that he would get his victims to send him explicit photos of themselves.

On my last post about Mickle I said that he was looking at a sentence of 265 years even though I knew it would be nearly as long as that since prosecutors were talking about how long he would be on the sex offender registry. Turns out I was right as this past week Mickle was sentenced to 12 1/2 to 25 years in prison with a lifetime on the registry.

None of his victims were on his soccer team like that’s any consolation.

I’m going to go a little off topic here but we often talk about how we wish child predators would get there’s in prison even though they’re usually separated from the general population. How long will it be before these pedophiles and molesters are the majority in our prisons?