Sarah Weyrick knew her killer

Phillip Erric Boldon

Phillip Erric Boldon

Father Speaks After Daughter Murdered:

I’ve recently posted about the stabbing murder of 19-year-old Sarah Weyrick of Houston, Texas before and how she had a craigslist ad in the casual encounters section about he she was having trouble paying her bills and desperate times call for desperate measures.

And I hypothesized if the man charged with her murder, Phillip Erric Boldon, met her though the craigslist ad.

According to the article investigators say that Boldon knew Sarah met through mutual friends and had a brief relationship/ However I am not ready to call this a non-craigslist related crime just yet. There is the possibility that Boldon may have gotten jealous if he found out about the ad however that is merely speculation on my part.

Arrest made in death of Sarah Weyrick

Phillip Erric Boldon

Phillip Erric Boldon

Man arrested in stabbing death of teen:

Arrest made in Burlington woman’s death:

I originally posted about Sarah Weyrick here.

She was the 19-year-old woman from Houston, Texas who was found stabbed and her body was found in her partially burned out car. Prior to her death she had posted an ad on craigslist in the casual encounters section asking for money saying “Need help with a couple on bills — just two bills. Tough times call for drastic measures.”

31-year-old Phillip Erric Boldon has been arrested in connection with her murder. No word yet on how police came to arrest Boldon or if the craigslist ad is connected to Sarah Weyrick’s murder.