Hydrocodone found in Phillip Lee’s system

Autopsy: Boy had toxic level of pain reliever:

This is another story that I originally posted about at Bad Breeders and another story that’s local to me.

In Concord, North Carolina Robin Lee was arrested for killing one of her kids and attempting to kill the other and herself in what I think was a botched murder-suicide attempt.

She had given her two kids dangerous amounts of methadone. 5-year-old Phillip Lee dies from the overdose. His brother, 13-year-old Alex Martinez survived and called 911 when he found that his brother was dead and his mother unconscious.

Now it turns out that according to the autopsy not only did Phillip have lethal amounts of methadone in his system but also had a high amount of hydrocodone.

Lee was allegedly despondent over some rough spots in her life to which I say suck it up. Don’t drag your kids into it just because you’re a failure.