Delfina Gaitan thought she was a four…on the drunk scale

Delfina Gaitan

PCSO: Mom drove drunk while child slept in back seat:

In Pinal County, Arizona 35-year-old Delfina Gaitan was charged with DUI while her 9-year-old daughter was asleep in the back seat unrestrained.

While being questioned by police Gaitan allegedly claimed that she only had five beers and claimed that on a drunkenness scale of 1 to 10 that she was at about a four. No word on if those 5 beers were 40oz. bottles of malt liquor because Gaitan was said to have blown an impressive .235 BAC. That’s pretty close to 3 times the legal limit.

So on BB she’s not a four however she does come in at #5 on the BB BAC Board. Considering the leader had a .392 being ranked at #5 is still pretty bad.

Thanks to E. for the tip.