More on Alex Youshock’s plans

Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

San Mateo HS Attack Planned For Months:

Collision Course: Teacher Schools Would-Be Terrorist;

School attack suspect held without bail:

First I want to talk about that picture. That is a picture of Alex Youshock posing with his pipe bombs. The only thing I could find out about the pic was that it police sources say it’s Youshock. Now on the less edited photo it has some kind of text that says “My resolutions for your actions.” This leads me to believe that Youshock may have made some kind of video. If he did make a video that would put him one step close to being another unoriginal mutant.

The pipes for the bomb were purchased at Home Depot but the explosives were bought over the internet. From what I understand they were model rocket rockets. So model rocket hobbyists, expect your hobby to be regulated. But I can see how that could get past a parent.

Youshock allegedly carried the infamous chainsaw in a guitar case. So now he thinks he’s a cross between Leatherface and El Mariachi. What a maroon.

And for those of you who I’m sure will come forth and unbelievably say that he wasn’t really trying to hurt someone this is for you. After the initial bombs went off he ran towards the fleeing students and he also had rubber doorstops supposedly to keep his victims inside the classroom if he had thrown the bombs inside.

And how is this for being a big bad criminal? He had his mommy drive him to the school under the guise that he was visiting ‘a friend’.

It also seems that his intended target was in fact chemistry teacher Meghan Spalding blaming her for some of his bad grades. I got tons of bad grades in high school. While young punks blame the teachers the fault actually lies with you. Youshock is now being said to have dropped out of Hillsdale High.

He’s being held without bail as an adult but he’s still being held in a juvenile facility. He’s looking at a life sentence.

Youshock charged as adult, targets named

Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

Charges: Chem teacher, security aide targeted:

San Mateo bombing suspect charged with seven felonies:

17-year-old Alex Youshock has been charged as an adult with seven felonies for his role in the pipe bomb attack against Hillsdale High in San Mateo, California. He’s been charged with two counts of premeditated attempted murder, two counts of detonation of an explosive device, one count of possession of explosive devices and one count of felony possession of deadly weapons.

I like what one of the DA’s said about charging Youshock as an adult…

“Any 17-year-old who shows an intent to kill other human beings — which was certainly the case here, there was an intent to kill many people — has forfeited the right to be treated in our rehabilitative juvenile system and has to be dealt with in our adult system, where the purpose is punishment, San Mateo Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

“The concept of rehabilitation is truly a secondary interest here,” Wagstaffe said. “Public protection is the number one factor.”

That is awesome. Standing ovation from yours truly.

Also according to court documents Youshock’s targets included chemistry teacher Meghan Spalding and security aide Jana Torres. Except it seems that the court documents named them as targets since they were closest to the bombs and may not have been Youshock’s intended targets.

Now the blame game hasn’t started yet but tech blog Gizmodo has a post up wondering if Youshock’s choice of weapons were influenced by video games. The funny thing is when I heard that he was carrying a chainsaw it automatically reminded me of DOOM. If DOOM was an influence for the chainsaw that would go even more towards Youshock possibly being a mutant considering the Columbine killers were obsessed with the game.

H/T to Game Politics for the Gizmodo link.

More on Alex Youshock and the Hillsdale attack

Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

Hints given for pipe bomb attack motive:

In my last post about the pipe bomb attack at Hillsdale High I wondered why was Alex Youshock a former student of the school. According to article his family may have pulled him out of the school at the end of his sophomore year for some unknown reason.

And check this out, he was a member of the wrestling team at Hillsdale. Doesn’t that mean he was a *gasp* jock?

Police say that he tried to attack the school out of some sort of revenge but the targets at this time are unknown. One report says that he was mad at teachers who gave him bad grades.

So with the information we have here it sounds like he was yet another spoiled kid who blamed others for his own failures.

Another point I want to touch on is the chainsaw. One article I read said he tried to start the chainsaw but couldn’t get it started. How much of a dumbass do you have to be to think that a chainsaw would be a good idea. I’ve never been able to get a chainsaw, lawn mower, weed whacker or boat engine to ever start on the first pull. But then again what do you expect from a selfish idiot?

Pipe bomb attack closes down Hillsdale High


“He Could Have Killed Our Whole Class”:

Pipe bombs detonated at Hillsdale High:

I just love the start of school season. Not really.

Anyway, 17-year-old Alex Youshock was arrested for detonating pipe bombs at his former high school. Youshock allegedly detonated the bombs at Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California. He was also said to have a tactical vest on that contained even more pipe bombs and he was carrying a sword and a chainsaw.

Luckily he was piled on by a trio of teachers and no one was hurt. Police arrived shortly thereafter to take him in.

A search of the Youshock’s house did turn up the bomb making materials.

The fact the had pipe bombs makes me want to think that he is a mutant but I won’t declare him one just yet. I haven’t heard yet why he is a former student of the school.

I’ll post more as I receive more details.