Man accused of posing as breast implant specialist on craigslist in order to assault woman

Man accused of posing as breast implant specialist on craigslist in order to assault woman

Doctor, is it normal for you to draw dog noses on them?

37-year-old Jason Wilt of White Oak, Pennsylvania, is accused of allegedly posing as a breast augmentation specialist in order to assault a woman. Wilt called himself Dr. J. Jones and replied to a woman’s ad on craigslist looking for breast augmentation in exchange for modeling before and after photos, because that’s totally how plastic surgeons get paid. Police say this led to Wilt going to woman’s Pittsburgh home where Wilt asked her to undress before he conducted an ‘exam’. The victim found out later that Dr. Jones may be a fraud when he texted her a pic of his junk. An arrest warrant has been issued for Wilt but so far he has not been apprehended.

I really hate to victim blame, but who believes that quality plastic surgeons are on craigslist and they make house calls? Even if there was a plastic surgeon who made house calls on craigslist, he’d probably have the same medical capabilities of this guy…

Hi Everybody.

The woman is lucky that she was only felt up and not more violently assaulted as the fake doctor scam is not a new one. The sad part is people keep falling for it. A lot of craigslist crimes could be prevented if people would use just a hint of common sense.

Family of Backpage child pimp says he was coerced into plea deal

Hill District man pleads guilty to child sex trafficking:

Pittsburgh man pleads guilty in rare human-trafficking court case:

Family of Backpage child pimp says he was coerced into plea deal

William Miller

I originally posted about William Miller here. He was arrested back in February of 2012 for prostituting what was then being reported as a 14-year-old girl. The articles now say that the girl was 15 at the time. Either way that’s still child prostitution. And of course Miller used Backpage to turn the girl out.

This past week Miller entered into a plea deal which will see him be sentenced to 12 years behind bars of federal child trafficking charges. This was after prosecutors dropped child porn charges against Miller because he allegedly took pictures of the girl having sex with him that he posted on Backpage. However the deal almost didn’t go through because of this…

While he agreed to most of that, he denied knowing she was a minor or that she planned to have sex on Feb. 10, 2012, when he drove her to the Quality Inn in Oakland.

Then what the hell did he think she was going there for? Housekeeping?

Also as I’ve said before not only is blood thicker than water it’s dumber than it too. Not only did we have someone who knows Miller try to defend him in the comments but Miller’s brother is also a victim blamer…

After the hearing, Miller’s brother, Romir Miller, said that an unemployed man like his brother, presented with an offer to work as security for a prostitute, “is going to look at that as an opportunity to make some money.”

Um…no, no he’s not. I and many other people have been unemployed for long periods of time without resorting to enslaving others to make them money.

Some of Miller;s family also believe he was coerced into taking responsibility for parts of the crime that he didn’t commit. What part of the crime did he not commit, the trafficking, the underage sex, or the production of child porn. I’m all ears on this one.

Also 12 years is a joke of a sentence. He probably could have been sentenced to more time on the child porn charge alone. Nationally the sentenced for child sex trafficking need to be increased.

Missing Pittsburgh teen found being prostituted on backpage

Danielle Gianoni and William Miller

Danielle Gianoni and William Miller

Missing Girl Found In Prostitution Bust:

Missing teen found during prostitution bust:

Recently police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rescued a 14-year-old girl who was being turned out on the Village Voice Media owned The teen had been reported missing from a youth facility almost a year ago when she was 13. They received a tip that there were pictures of the girl on backpage.

Police set up a sting where they found the girl and arrested 36-year-old William Miller and 22-year-old Danielle Gianoni. Miller is the alleged pimp who is said to have told police that he had also been having sex (child rape) with the girl for several weeks. The girl said it was more like several months. Gianoni was also being pimped by Miller and by some accounts from the articles I would bet she was teaching the girl on how to be a pro. Miller was charged with statutory sexual assault, sexual abuse of children, sexual exploitation of children, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, promoting prostitution, conspiracy and possessing instruments of crime. Backpage will probably try to tell you that Miller is just an advocate of free speech.

Seriously though this is who backpage is making money off of, 14-year-old girls that are being turned out by predators like Miller. They use this money to prop up a series of dying newspapers. And they say that shutting down the adult section of backpage would be a violation of free speech. It doesn’t matter if the basic rights of freedom of the people being trafficked on their site are being violated though.

Gutenberg is rolling in his grave.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

Adoption scam on backpage


Scam Website Ads Offer Kids For Adoption:

In Pittsburgh a local news station turned up adoption ads on their local site. Of course these ads are a scam designed to get prospective parents to wire money when no child actually exists.

Surprisingly backpage was quick to respond to these ads…

In an email to Team 4, a spokesman for said, “Thanks for reaching out to us. Both postings violate our site’s terms of use. We will remove them shortly. They are both examples of an overseas wire money scam.”

Yet the sexual trafficking of children still continues unabated on backpage. Just sayin’.

Breeder charged with stealing dying son’s IV drugs

Karen Remsing

Wash. mom accused in Pa. of taking ill son’s drugs:

Mother accused of unhooking son’s IV, injecting herself:

Police in Pittsburgh arrested 42-year-old Karen Remsing after she was found slumped over in a couch in her son’s hospital room. Her son is terminally ill and needs an intestine transplant.

Police say that Remsing unhooked her son’s sedative IV, used a syringe stolen from the hospital to siphon his drugs then injected herself with the stolen sedative. She then tried to replace her son’s IV and mu8st have botched it so bad that it left an air bubble in the IV tube which could have potentially killed her son. Hospital workers say they found blood in the room and on her clothes.

Considering that Remsing is an obvious addict and having worked in my fair share of medical facilities a blood spill like this is almost like a toxic waste dump anywhere else. God only knows what infectious pathogens she could have been carrying in her blood that could have easily infected her son especially considering that his immune system must be close to zero right now.

I have an addictive personality. I’ve been addicted to various things through my life. Some of which have cost me a great deal of money. But I can’t imagine putting my addictions in front of the safety and welfare of not just a family member but anyone for that matter.

Thanks to Wendy for the tip.

Richard Sabatasse wanted in kidnapping and rape of MySpace girl

Girl Says MySpace Friendship Led To Kidnapping, Rape:

Police in Western Pennsylvania say that 26-year-old Richard Sabatasse of Pittsburgh kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

He is currently being charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, interference with the custody of a minor, and rape.

Sabatasse is said to have picked the girl up from school and took her back to his place not to mention taking her to a bar and West Virgina. The girl claims that she asked to go home several times but Sabatasse refused and even went as far to taking the girl’s cell phone.

Sabatasse is already awaiting sentencing on charges of corruption of minors, indecent assaults and lewdness charges.

He allegedly kept the girl captive from Friday to Sunday.

Again another offender who went on to re-offend.

He is currently on the run but is expected to turn himself in. Police may not want to hold their breath on that one.

Pittsburgh boy burnt in house of 50 cats

BroermanPolice arrest parents of boy severely burned by space heater:

Putrid North Side home where 2-year-old boy was burned horrifies officials:

That distraught looking couple are Carl Broerman, 33, and Jessica Burrell, 23, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They’ve been arrested on child neglect charges but the word neglect is a severe understatement.

Their 2-year-old son was severely burnt when a jury-rigged gas heater spilled over and set him on fire. There was no actual heater in the home and the faux-heater was hooked into the gas line.

Let’s not also forget the 50 cats in the home and the dog that was covered in sores. Not to mention the pre-requisite animal feces that go along with all those animals.

Also the only food in the house was milk and ketchup which contrary to popular belief is not a vegetable.

And get this, Boerman says that since they sought medical treatment for their son that they did nothing wrong.

You did plenty wrong there Pally. There is help out there for people who need it. When I lived in Jersey it was illegal there for a gas or power company to turn off the heat in the winter not to mention many of the assistance programs that a lot of these companies have to help out needy families. Which makes me wonder what was the real underlying factor to why they didn’t have heat.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.