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All Crime Is Personal

Lawsuit would challenge oath, invocation:
Everyone’s favorite militant atheist is back in the news again. You may remember Michael Newdow from some years ago when he tried to get the phrase ‘under God’ removed from the Pledge of Allegiance citing his daughter was offended by it. Then it turned out that not only did he not have custody of his daughter but his daughter was a practicing Christian.
Well he’s back and now he’s going after…wait a sec…is this correct…he’s going after Barack Obama?

Michael Newdow believes references to God or religion are unconstitutional. He wants to remove the phrase “so help me God” from the oath of office and block the invocation prayer from Pastor Rick Warren.

At least he’s non-partisan. But again I have to ask all those wishing to do away with all the references to God exactly what religion is being endorsed by the government? Would that be Judaism, Islam, or one of the many variants of Christianity? And how are any of these words endorsing a state religion. There is no Church of America like there is a Church of England.
For someone who is supposed to be a lawyer Mr. Newdow doesn’t seem too bright.