Vaping isn’t for infants

Vaping isn't for infants

I’ve not made it any secret that I smoked cigarettes for 30 years. I used several different methods to try to quit. Patches, gum, and a stupid little alarm clock that was supposed to wean me off cigarettes but was about as effective as an actual alarm clock. Then after one too many cigarettes sent me to the ER, I finally kicked the smoking habit for good by using e-cigarettes and eventually vaping. In those 5 years, I haven’t even had a single cheat cigarette, granted I still have a nicotine addiction I’m trying to shake.

One of the biggest problems with vaping is it’s a douchey activity. Just the terms vape and vaping sound douchey, the equipment looks douchey, the names of the flavors of the juices sound douchey, and the people who complain about not being able to vape inside establishments claiming ‘I’m not smoking, I’m vaping’ are incredibly douchey. Then there are douchebags like 30-year-old Dustin Appenzeller of Racine, Wisconsin who aren’t helping matters.

Vaping isn't for infants

Dustin Appenzeller

Appenzeller was recently arrested after allegedly giving nicotine juice used for vaping, also known as e-juice, to his nine-week-old infant. He reportedly did it for the usual reasons these troglodytes give children anything, “I don’t know. He was crying. I was really tired.” And he says he’s done it before.

This guy can’t be for real. Anyone with an iota of intelligence knows nicotine is a stimulant. You don’t give kids meth when they can’t sleep do you? That’s not even taking into account that nicotine poisoning is a real thing which is another reason why so many politicians are down on vaping. Politicians are afraid kids will drink the juice considering many of them have candy-like flavors, and this assclown just goes ahead and gives it to his kid.

Normally, I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, but it would be no skin off of my nose if this guy started smoking four packs of Luckys a day.

If a child has consumed nicotine juice call the American Association of Poison Control Centers at 1-800-222-1222 or online at

Step-Breeder poisoned boy

Stepmother accused of killing baby from Batavia:

Elmira mother accused of poisoning 21-month-old stepson pleads not guilty:

I can’t remember the last time I posted a step-mother story before. Should we go with the classic Wicked Stepmother or the more modern Step-Monster.

Either way 24-year-old Melissa S. Englehardt of Elmira, New York fits the bill for both.

She has been arrested and charged in the November 2009 poisoning death of her 21-month-old stepson Andrew Cianfrini of Batavia, NY. Englehart allegedly put methanol in Andrew’s juice. Methanol is an ingredient of antifreeze.

Police say that prior to Andrew’s visit with his father and his slampig of a wife that she searched on the net for ways to poison someone and that methanol was allegedly found in Andrew’s sippy cup.

She’s also pleaded not guilty on top of everything else.

I guess those web searches and the methanol are just coincidence.

I’ve watched a lot of true crime shows in my time and it seems that anti-freeze is the weapon of choice for women who want to get rid of a family member. My point is that she’s a stupid idiot because police and forensic experts know what to look for and you’re not the first person to think of this. The dumbest and most evil maybe but not the first.

Thanks to Tammy for the tip.

Morphine in the breast milk

Police: Mom poisoned baby to get attention:

Creepella over there is 25-year-old medical assistant Sarah Rose Dillard-Lubin (Hasenfefer Incorporated) of Aloha, Oregon. She’s been charged with putting morphine in the breast milk for 2-month-old daughter. She allegedly did this to get the attention of the baby daddy.

This isn’t the first time she allegedly did something like this. In 2006 in California she pleaded no contest to giving her then 10-month-old son opiate pills in order to get the attention of another baby daddy.

It never ceases to amaze me how selfish people can be by putting their children at risk over romantic relationships or the lack thereof.

Thanks to Layla for the tip.

SC Breeder tried to poison kids with carbon monoxide

Mom accused of poisoning her kids with intent to kill:

29-year-old Melissa Sawyers, who looks 50 in her mugshot, of North Augusta, South Carolina has been arrested for trying to poison her kids using the exhaust from her car. Sawyers allegedly hooked up a hose from the tailpipe to the inside of the car where the kids, ages 10 and 7, were,

Police say she allegedly told her kids that “they were going to heaven together and it would not hurt, they would just go to sleep and wake up in heaven.”

It seems that Sawyers is an upstanding citizen as well…

Police say this isn’t Sawyers first run in with the law. They say she’s been arrested several times recently for charges including trespassing, disorderly conduct, intoxication, and resisting arrest.

Police say she’s gotten out of handcuffs twice before during arrests, even kicked at a window in a police patrol car; and once resisting arrest so bad, officers had to taser her.

She’s looking at 40 years behind bars.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Meth Milk Mom gets slap on the wrist

Mother of baby killed by meth-contaminated breast milk gets 90 days:

46-year-old Maureen Hoffart of Sacramento, California was convicted of her baby’s January 2008 death after the baby died from ingesting meth tainted breastmilk. Mom is a tweaker obviously. But instead of getting a real sentence to send a message to meth heads and drug addled parents a judge only gav e her 90-days in jail…

Earl said from the bench that Hoffart had plenty of mitigating circumstances working in her favor. Among them, the judge noted, was a minimal criminal history that consisted of two methamphetamine-related arrests that were more than 10 years old. The judge said Hoffart has strong support from family, friends and other community members and that a former kindergarten teacher wrote a letter to the court on her behalf characterizing the defendant as a good mother who volunteered at school and provided her children with a “supportive academic environment.”

That’s all well and good but a baby died because of a mother’s meth addiction. We need less feel good judges and more of the hanging variety.

Thanks to Calvena for the tip.

Woman puts feces in special needs child’s feeding tube

Mom Taints Child’s Feeding Tube with Feces: Police:

Austin police: Woman put feces in child’s IV feeding tube:

Mother charged with feeding 3-year-old feces:

Say hello to the new face of Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome. I mean that’s the only way i can explain why this happened.

Anyway that’s 23-year-old Emily McDonald of Austin, Texas. She was arrested for placing feces in the IV feeding tube of her 3-year-old daughter was in the hospital being treated for infections. Oddly enough doctors determined that those infections had been caused by the child being fed fecal matter.

When doctors figured out what was causing the infections they had a camera placed in the girl’s room. That’s when they allegedly caught McDonald putting fecal matter from the girl’s diaper into the IV tube. When arrested McDonald said she knew that the fecal matter would make the girl sick and knew that it could potentially kill her.

So what leads me to my totally unqualified diagnosis of MBP. Well it seems she constantly blogged about her kids medical conditions and frequented various parenting forums. While that’s not entirely indicative of MBP when you put the two together it kind of does. I’m not going to post links to the blog or the forums to protect the girl’s identity.

Also in my 9 years of blogging I’ve done some other posts about women who poisoned their kids who were believed to have had MBP that all used the same thing to poison their kids, human feces.

So Breeder Readers, I pose yet another question to you. Is Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome a legitimate psychological disorder or are these birth organisms just being attention whores?

Thanks to Michelle, Melissa and Kathryn for the tips.

100 years for man who poisoned his kids in extortion scheme

100-Year Sentence For Dad Who Poisoned Kids:

William Cunningham of Clayton County, Georgia received the maximum sentence of 100 years for poisoning his own children. In 2006 Cunningham fed his 18-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son a deadly combination of prescription drugs, lighter fluid and Campbell Soup. His plan was to get his kids either sick or killed and then try and squeeze some money of the Campbell Soup Company.

Luckily the kids survived but they now have scarred lungs from being force fed the lighter fluid from the concoction and will more than likely have lifelong breathing problems.

I still can’t understand the type of person whose brain is so broken that they would put a price on their own children’s heads.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Not gulity plea in child’s poisoning

VISTA: New charges filed against mother in toddler poisoning:

22-year-old Christina Noel Howell has pleaded not guilty to charges of poisoning her own 22-month-old son. It’s alleged that she mixed cleaning fluids with her son’s apple juice on several different occasions. The child’s injuries are so bad that he risks choking to death anytime he drinks and has a thousand times greater chance of developing cancer.

Now most people would think that this could be a case of Munchausen by proxy where a parent intentionally injures their child for attention. However prosecutors say she did this to her own son to get the attention of a man in this case the baby daddy.

Again why do some women feel the need to inujure or neglect their own children just to keep a penis in their life.

Thanks to Beth for the tip.

Quebec children killed in failed murder-suicide

Que. woman charged with murder in children’s deaths:

36-year-old Cathy Gauthier-Lachance of the Saguenay region Quebec was arrested in connection with the deaths of her 3 children and her husband. There has been no motive for the killings but both parents had recently lost their jobs. It’s alleged that this was supposed to have been a murder and suicide pact between Gauthier-Lachance and her husband 46-year-old Marc Laliberte.

The RCMP have said that the children, 12-year old Joelle, 7-year old Marc-Ange and 4-year old Louis-Philippe, died from either suffocation or poisoning. Both Laliberte and Gauthier-Lachance had stab wounds.

I still don’t get why when people are having financial difficulties they feel the need to punish their children for their own failures. If you want to kill yourselves go alone. Let the kids have a fighting chance at least.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.