2-year-old unrestrained in car during police chase

Man charged with six felonies after high-speed chase:

23-year-old Christopher Lee Kaseca got into a high speed pursuit with Shawnee, Oklahoma police that exceeded speeds of 80 miles and hour. After being stopped by police after a disturbance call he sped off the stop striking an officer with the back of his car. Kaseca avoided police road blocks and ran through close to a dozen stop signs and red lights. Police say the pursuit also went through people’s yards and back alleys. He eventually hit a curb in a Sonic parking lot then fled on foot from the police. All the while his 2-year-old daughter was unrestrained in the car. Kaseca allegedly stole pills from a house which prompted the police pursuit. Luckily the child was unharmed.

Now some may blame the police for causing the pursuit especially if the child had been harmed. Those people are idiots. The only person responsible for the pursuit was the idiot who decided to rob some pills and flee police all while his own child was in the car.

Thanks to Alicia for the tip.