Who watches the Watchmen? Another Kik kreeper cop

Who watches the Watchmen? Another Kik kreeper cop

Earlier this month 54-year-old Oak Harbor, Washington, police officer, John Little, was charged in Federal Court for allegedly receiving child porn through the mobile messaging app Kik. Reports say that Little received explicit images from a 13-year-old girl in New Mexico who was said to be sending out the images of her own volition. I can hear the ‘entrapment’ birds already. However, not only could Little have rejected the alleged offer for pictures, he didn’t have to allegedly send the girl pictures of his junk in return. He also reportedly admitted to the FBI that he knew the girl was underage.

This was a man who had been a police officer for almost 30 years. While police are human and are prone to mistakes themselves, they do need to be held to a higher standard since they are the ones who we are entrusting to help protect our children from such predators.

Also, this should serve as another reason why parents need to observe their kids’ smart phone or tablet activity when it comes to Kik. No parent wants to find out that their teenager is sending out explicit images to middle-aged strangers.

UPDATE 6/22/2017: Little was sentenced to 3½ years in prison.

Who watches the watchmen? craigslist creeper cop edition

Who watches the watchmen? craigslist creeper cop edition

Christopher Dunkes

27-year-old Christopher Dunkes is a police officer in Montgomery County, Maryland. He’s been suspended without pay because he was recently arrested in an online sting conducted by the Prince William County Police in Virginia. Officer Dunkes is accused of allegedly soliciting sex from an underage girl on craigslist who was actually Prince William investigators. Dunkes reportedly asked the 15-year-old ‘girl’ twice for a specific sex act and was arrested at a local Target.

Two things should be noted about this story. The first is that it’s hard for a community to trust police when one of them is allegedly trolling craigslist for girls. The other is that the job of craigslist’s community police is being done by the actual police instead.

The police who stopped the UCC gunman


A lot of police have been getting a bad rap in the past year or so. A lot of it is definitely deserved but police who save lives should receive just as much if not more attention than those who are the bad apples.

For example take Sgt. Joe Kaney and Det. Todd Spingath of the Roseburg, Oregon, police department. They are the ones who disabled the Umpqua Community College gunman before he took his own life and they rushed into action with little regard for their own safety.

The two plain-clothes police veterans ran toward the gunfire without hesitation, even though they were not wearing bullet-proof vests and had no idea how soon more backup would arrive.

And when the gunman started firing at them, Kaney and Spingath did not stop until they stopped him.

Without these brave men there could have been many more deaths and injuries.

Men and women like this who put their lives on the line in a thankless job to protect the public need to be better recognized for their actions.

How America’s Police Became An Army


I just saw the headline to an article that read “How America’s Police Became An Army”. The answer is obvious but since it’s popular to hate cops these days no one dares say it. The criminals became armies first. Does no one remember the North Hollywood Shootout? In a nutshell back in 1997 two men attempted to rob a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood, California and outgunned the LAPD and SWAT for 44 minutes.

After that the nation was aghast that a large metropolitan police department could be overpowered like that by only two men and most communities sought to have their police departments with the ordinance they needed to fight crime. Yet when the police use that ordinance every one gets their panties in a bunch and cries ‘police state’ while most of you wouldn’t know a police state if it put a black bag over your head.

Good News/Bad News for Camden


The good news for citizens of Camden, New Jersey that aren’t criminals is that the city is hiring some of its police force back.

The bad news is they will only be around from April to June.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t crime statistics spike in the summer due to more people being outdoors at later times? In a cesspool like Camden I can’t see how the crime numbers could possibly get any higher but they will.

While we’re at it let’s hear some more ramifications of what laying off half of their police force has done for the city.

The Camden layoffs had left about a dozen or so squad cars on the street during the day and night, fewer during a shift change. Before the layoffs, there were close to double that many, officers said. 

As of Tuesday, the number was down to as few as 10 patrol cars on the street during the day because officers were assigned to specialized units. Six cars handle patrol, and four go to hot spots and serve as backup, according to a senior officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. 

Officers are going longer distances to calls, and backup is harder to come by, said other officers, who likewise did not want to be identified.

If Camden doesn’t get its ass in gear before the temps start hitting the 80s there will be literal hell to pay. With little to no police and fire coverage I can see the city burning down any day now.

Camden feels the heat with only half of a police force


This is an article from the New York Times about what’s been happening in Camden. New Jersey since they laid off half of their police force. It’s pretty much what you would expect…

Callers to 911 who report things like home burglaries or car break-ins are asked to file a report over the phone or at police headquarters; officers rarely respond in person. “If it doesn’t need a gun and a badge at that location,” officers are not sent, the city’s police chief, J. Scott Thomson, said last week.

 Pretty soon It will be unless it’s a murder we’re not coming.

Then again what do you expect from a city where 58% of properties in the city do not generate any tax revenue. A city can’t be run that way and Camden is such a third world country that no one will ever move in to the city. As I’ve said before the so-called waterfront renovation has been a decades long failure.

Camden has been abandoned to the criminals and it will never be reclaimed.

Half of Camden police force gone

The Camden Waterfront

The Camden Waterfront

It’s a good bet that the criminals of Camden, New Jersey will have a renewed, albeit twisted, sense of purpose today as yesterday 168 Camden police officers handed in their badges due to massive city layoffs that were announced back in December.

The city is trying to point the fingers at the police and fire unions not willing to work with them but what they neglect to tell you is that 58% of all Camden properties are tax exempt. Not to mention the fact that the state has cut off its financial support of Camden and rightfully so I believe.

Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson said that

The department will no longer be able to “perform traditional services the public has come to expect,” such as responding to vehicle accidents without injuries, minor thefts, and vandalism, Thomson said.

Residents now will have to phone those incidents in or visit headquarters.

 How long will it be before they stop responding to calls such as carjackings, domestic violence or a child’s disappearance?

Another thing is that some of the higher ranking officers will be demoted to street patrol. How effective can they be when they’re probably pissed off that they’re there to begin with? This could result in police responding to calls when they feel like it.

Camden is now a powder keg more so than ever and there’s a number of things that could set it off.  What if a  suspect were to be shot and killed or a police officer shot and killed or a child that gets caught in a gun battle’s crossfire among many other possibilities? If any of those things were to happen Camden would go up in flames, literally or figuratively.

I can’t possibly imagine what is next for Camden. Martial law maybe or at least the presence of National Guard troops in the foreseeable future.

What bothers me most is that if Camden does in fact collapse and become sort of a no mans land it them becomes a cancer which will slowly infect the surrounding areas. Or once Camden is bled dry then the sites may be turned to its neighbor across the river, Philadelphia. Could anything be done to stop it?

As of today the timer just started on the ticking time bomb that is Camden. The problem is I don’t think it could ever be diffused.

Camden to layoff police

The Camden Waterfront

The Camden Waterfront

I guess after losing the top spot of America’s most dangerous city, Camden, New Jersey has decided to reclaim their rightful position by laying off half of the police force and a third of the fire department.

I’m sure with this move they’ll have their #1 spot back in no time.

Seriously though, Camden is now officially a lost cause. I can see the National Guard being called in before the end of 2011.

Henderson NV cop busted on craigslist prostitution charges


Police: Prostitute Tipped Officers To Dirty Cop:

Officer Arrested in Online Prostitution Sting:

Arrest Report Reveals New Details in Henderson Officer’s Arrest:

Occasionally you’ll see me use the phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” which loosely translated is Latin for “Who watches the watchmen?” or “Who guards the guardsmen?” if you want to get literal. This is one of those instances.

Henderson, Nevada police officer Michael Stevens, 34, has been arrested on charged craigslist prostitution after his alleged prostitute of choice dimed him out.

Las Vegas police arrested a woman on prostitution charges which caused her to tell them that Stevens was using her services. She was able to assist LVPD with setting up a sting where Stevens was arrested. The AP says that Stevens tried saying that he was working vice but the local Nevada articles says that he admitted what he was doing was wrong. Stevens is said to have met Robbearts on craigslist.

How can we doing anything to combat human trafficking when it is being supported by allegedly crooked cops. And yes I do realize that cops like Stevens are in the vast majority but one bad apple like Stevens can also tarnish the reputation of entire departments.

Palm Springs Police on prostitution

SPECIAL REPORT: Trumping Prostitution on the Popular Craigslist Site:

Just wanted to share with you this quote from Palm Springs, California police about craigslist’s new measures to limit activity on its erotic services section.

Police are optimistic this will help, but they say the only way to stop the abuse completely would be for Craigslist to stop allowing “erotic services” ads.

That’s not likely to happen.

It seems like I remember someone else saying that too.