Teen sentenced for dropping baby down trash chute

Teen gets 13 years in Pompano Beach killing of newborn:

Ashley Truitt is the 19-year-old girl from Iowa who gave birth to a daughter in a Pompano Beach hotel room in June of 2007. She was there on vacation with her family and hid her pregnancy. Truitt didn’t just dump the baby though. She dropped minutes old Julianne Truitt 7-stories down the hotel trash chute where she died from the fall.

Truitt was originally facing a life sentence but in a plea deal the charges were reduced to aggravated manslaughter on a child from first degree murder charges. Truitt was just recently sentenced to 13 years behind bars.

The irony here is that Ashley Truitt’s biological mother gave her up for adoption. Rather than doing the same Truitt chose to kill her child. Or maybe in her mind she was just putting something useless out with the trash.