Father and daughter arrested in baby dumping

Body Of Baby Dumped In The Trash Found:

Two generations of stupid were arrested by Port Angeles, Washington police in the matter of a baby dumping.

Police arrested 41-year-old Ronald Last Jr. and his 16-year-old daughter for dumping her newborn into a trash can. An unidentified woman notified police that she saw the baby in the trash can. By the time police acted they had to search the local dump for the baby. They found the body 6 hours into their search.

Police allege that the girl gave birth in the bathroom and drowned the newborn in the toilet befopre dumping the body in the trashcan. She had told her father that she bled on the bathroom rug and threw it away. When the father went to look for the rug, because really that’s what father’s do, he discovered the baby’s body in the trashcan. What fathers aren’t supposed to do is to help their daughter’s cover their murderous tracks.

When police searched the house they found gun in the house and a drug smuggling device. So apparently the lack of restraint runs in the family.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.