Teen who bludgeoned parents then held Facebook party pleads no contest

Tyler Hadley: ‘Hammer Time’ killer pleads no contest, avoids trial:

Tyler Hadley

In 2011 a then 17-year-old Tyler Hadley bludgeoned his parents, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, Blake Hadley, 54, to death with a hammer in their Port St. Lucie, Florida, home. Right after their murders Hadley went to Facebook and invited all his friends over for a party. The party took place while his parents battered bodies were still in their bedroom. Hadley even showed the bodies to one of his friends.

This past week Hadley pleaded no contest to first degree murder charges. I’m not that big a fan of the no contest plea. It means that the defendant does not admit any guilt but admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict them. Just another way for scumbags like Hadley to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions. The only good thing about it is that they’re sentenced like they had pleaded guilty.

Sentencing will begin in March. Hadley was charged as an adult and could receive life without parole. I wish this little twerp could face the death penalty since it’s been reported that he’s become somewhat of a prison celebrity. Hadley will probably be one of those jackasses who thrives in prison.

Tyler Hadley to use involuntary intoxication defense

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley expected to use ‘involuntary intoxication’ as defense in murder trial:

Recently Tyler Hadley’s public defender stated that more than likely he intends to file for an involuntary intoxication defense for his client. A then 17-year-old Hadley bludgeoned his parents to death and then held a party that he invited his friends to through Facebook. The party went on while his parents lay dead in their bedroom.

So basically Hadley’s defender is blaming the murder on booze and drugs. That would be all well and good if Hadley was on something like PCP but he wasn’t. Supposedly Hadley was on Ecstasy that night. While I’m no drug connoisseur I was under the impression that Ecstasy had quite the opposite effect. If Hadley did take anything prior to the murders my guess would be on alcohol so he could give himself liquid courage. Hadley already had his plan in mine when he killed his parents. The booze and/or drugs just helped it along.

Tyler Hadley heard a black woman’s voice in his head

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Newly released evidence: Hadley planned a second party after killing parents:

Tyler Hadley is the Florida kid who is charged with bludgeoning his parents to death with a hammer before holding a party that he invited his friends to on Facebook. His parents bodies were in the house while the party went on.

New evidence has been released from the investigation and it seems to point to the fact that Hadley was a few McNuggets short of a Happy meal. According to some of the items mentioned in the evidence was that Hadley had planned on holding a second party the next night, that he had an eating disorder, he was a woman trapped in a man’s body and that he heard a black woman’s voice in his head. It also included this little view into his psyche…

Hadley stood behind his mother about five minutes while she played computer games, “thinking about whether or not to do it.” He hit her once; she looked at him and said, “Why? Why would you do this?” Mandell said Hadley reportedly replied, “Why the (expletive) not?”

But I think the real motive behind the killings were good old-fashioned selfishness and greed.

Mandell said Hadley admitted stealing $11,000 from a trust fund overseen by his parents.

Friends of Hadley’s told authorities he had about $5,000 on the day of the homicides.

All the other stuff could just be a teen who is craving attention.

U Can’t Touch Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley

Teen Held in Parents’ Killings Signs Autographs:

You remember Tyler Hadley don’t you? He’s the punk kid from Florida who bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer before hosting a Facebook party while his parents’ corpses were in their bedroom.

It’s starting to seem like Hadley is not remorseful for his crimes at all. Apparently he’s become a jailhouse celebrity allegedly signing autographs with suck monikers as ‘Hambo’, ‘Hammer Boy’ and of course ‘Hammer Time”.

I wonder if he’s got the prison teardrop tattoo yet.

UPDATE 9/16/2012: A forensics expert has said that Hadley more than likely signed the autographs.

Burnout Breeder makes son smoke ‘God’s herb’

Police: Boy Forced To Smoke ‘God’s Herb’:

Chong over there is 38-year-old Richard Nazareth of Port St. Lucie, Florida. Pay attention to his last name as it becomes ironic in a little bit.

Anyway he’s accused of making his 11-year-old son smoke weed by shotgunning it into his son’s mouth in a bizarre pseudo religious ceremony where he made his son stand like Christ on the cross and called his weed God’s Herb.

Let me digress for a second because I’ve actually encountered burnouts like this. They get high all the time and try and defend their behavior by saying God made weed so why wouldn’t he want us to smoke it. To which I always reply “To test your stupidity. He also made Hemlock and Belladonna. Why don’t you go smoke some of that while you’re at it.”

It gets even more bizarre…

The next day, Nazareth took the children to a woman’s house for church, where Nazareth made his son smoke marijuana again and then made him imitate Jesus on the cross, the report stated.

After dinner, Nazareth placed one of his tears and the woman’s tears into a bottle of wine, then spit in it and added a drop of beer, police said. Nazareth then used the mixture to bless the house and made both children drink from it “before drinking some himself and sharing some” with the woman, the report stated.

Mmmmmmm. Backwash stew. I bet it was chunky.

By the way if you’re 38 with kids and still getting high it’s time to grow up.

Thanks to jj for the tip.

Mom who let ants bite kids arrested

Children bitten by ants, mother arrested:

Port St. Lucie mom’s 3 kids taken after possible signs of neglect found:

I’m behind again so I’m going to bang this one out. That’s 34-year-old Theresa Platt of Port St. Lucie, Florida. She was homeless with 3-year-old twins and a 6-year-old. She would go house to house to sleep. One of those houses had an ant infested bed which she made the kids sleep in. Witnesses say she routinely beat the kids and would not feed them for days. She claims she couldn’t feed them because their father was in jail. However reports say she was receiving food stamps but she allegedly routinely sold them. I couldn’t find an article that that said what she sold them for but I can only imagine.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Florida man tried trading daughter for sex

Port St. Lucie Father Arrested In Sex Sting:

Gregory White of Port St. Lucie, Florida has been arrested for trying to trade his daughter for sex, his 2-year-old daughter.

White was in a chat room with an undercover police officer and asked “you want to swap? Or just watch me do yours?” The officer posed as a man with an 11-year-old daughter. White then allegedly asked in their chat if he could have anal sex with the officer’s daughter and that the officer could have oral sex with his daughter.

When White was arrested his alleged stripper wife told police that ‘he likes young girls’. Um…ew.

Someone please tell me why scumbags like this don’t get executed.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.

Merry Christmas son, you’re dead

S. Fla. mom accused of killing son:

Police in Port St. Lucie Florida arrested Eryn Allegra in the suffocation death of her 8-year-old son.

She claims that she had been having financial troubles and didn’t want to leave her son alone if she committed suicide. She gave her son 8 Advil to put him to sleep and then smothered him with a pillow. Conveniently when she tried to cut her wrists the razor blades were too dull. Then she called 911. I wonder if she also tried across the street and not down the road.

I get the feeling that Alegra was not serious about killing herself.

But let’s get back to the heart of the matter. Everyone has financial troubles. That’s just the way the economy is right now. What makes you so special that your financial problems require to kill your own son on Christmas?

Eryn Allegra, in my opinion, is nothing more than a selfish bitch who is trying for a mental illness defense and had no intentions of killing herself. Since she did this in Florida I hope she gets sentenced to death.