Portland woman accused of prostituting 3-year-old daughter on Backpage

Portland woman accused of prostituting 3-year-old daughter on Backpage

Kelsey Wheeler

(Story broke 4/19/2017)

27-year-old Kelsey Wheeler, of Portland, Oregon is accused of allegedly offering her 3-year-old daughter for sex online. Wheeler reportedly placed ads on Backpage advertising ‘mother-daughter experiences’ and ‘taboos’. I guess those keywords are allowed to slip through Backpage’s so-called moderation tools. She was dimed out by a potential john who she is said to have offered sex with her daughter. Wheeler claims that she was not only actually going to turn out her young daughter, but was going to rip off the man instead, because that’s so much better.

Again, this is just more evidence that Backpage has little to no concern for the women and children being peddled on their website and that their self-imposed closure of the adult section is nothing more than a smoke screen.

Two more craigslist creepers arrested in Oregon

Hicks and Martinez-Alcauter

Craigslist ads land 2 in jail for luring minors:

It seems that May is the month where craigslist creepers come into bloom in the state of Oregon. On the heels of the arrest of a craigslist creeper in Portland and the conviction of a craigslist rapist in Tigard we have new of two more men being arrested on craigslist related charges.

Back we go to Portland where 26-year-old Edgar Martinez-Alcauter and 38-year-old Jeffrey G. Hicks were arrested in separate incidents for allegedly attempting to lure children for sex through craigslist.

Martinez-Alcauter is said to have replied to an ad posted by police posing as a 16-year-old girl. He allegedly sent explicit photos of himself and when asked if he minded the girl’s age he is said to have replied ” I don’t care unless you do.”

In Hicks case he allegedly posted an ad looking for sex with a ‘young girl’. When police responded posing again as a 16-year-old girl Hicks was said to have replied about her age “I dont care about your age.”

I’m guessing they both care now.

Oregon craigslist creeper wanted a "young TEEN"

Man charged with ‘luring a minor’ on Craigslist:

James C. Nickell

27-year-old James C. Nickell was arrested by police in Portland, Oregon, after allegedly posting a personal ad on craigslist that said he wanted to have sex with a “young TEEN.” Police posed as a 16-year-old boy and responded to the ad. Oregon age of consent is 18. They say that Nickell quickly responded back asking for “pictures and age.”

A meeting was set up at a fast food joint naturally and Nickell was arrested after leaving the restaurant upon noticing the ‘teen’ wasn’t there. When interviewed by police Nickell allegedly claimed that he thought that he was ‘role-playing’ with someone who was 18.

That may just be the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard given by one of these creepers. It’s even less believable than the ‘just hanging out’ line. That’s insulting to just about everyone’s intelligence.

Backpage pimp accused of raping 15-year-old girl

Charge: Kent man pimped runaway girls in Seattle, Portland:

Auburn man faces pimping charges in connection with 15-year-old girl he met in Kent:


43-year-old Nathan Bonds was arrested back in June for allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old runaway girl on Backpage in the SeaTac and Portland, Oregon, areas. If that’s not repulsive enough Bonds allegedly raped the girl after first meeting her. Bonds then turned out the girl and a friend hers plus another woman on Backpage. I could go into more detail but why bother? I’d just be repeating every other child prostitution story involving Backpage I’ve ever posted. Pimp meets underage runaway, pimp rapes runaway, pimp turns out runaway on Backpage, repeat ad infinitum.

Outside of law enforcement no one is doing anything about this. Countless women and girls are being forced against their will into the business of sexual slavery. Human trafficking is so profitable to criminals because the resources, human beings, are constantly renewable.

Backpage continues to make millions of dollars from the advertisements of sexual slaves and cower behind the First Amendment. Lawmakers either refuse or are too ignorant of what’s going on to make amendments to the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that protects Backpage. Is Backpage’s so-called right to freedom of speech more important to the freedom of the women and children that are being peddled on their website?

My greatest hope is that someone will read this and join the cause to fight against the sexual slavery that’s being promulgated by Backpage.

The Bad Boyfriend and the Attack of the Killer Shower

Joshua Howard

Police: 2-year-old assault victim dies, mom’s boyfriend remains in jail:

First responders were called to the Portland, Oregon, motel room of 28-year-old Joshua Howard because his girlfriend’s two-year-old son was unconscious. Howard allegedly told police that he was giving the boy a shower and left him alone for a moment when he heard a thump. Except that the police say the boy was dry and had bruising on his head. After the boy was rushed to the hospital it was determined that he was brain-dead and eventually died from his trauma. Doctors say that the boy had multiple injuries including a fractured jaw and skull.

Eventually Howard is said to have changed his story and allegedly admitted to police that he assaulted the child.

First he said he “tossed or dropped” the victim in the bathroom and was upset because the boy had thrown up on the bed and was crying, according to court documents.

Police said he then later admitted to dragging the boy into the bathroom and throwing him with a lot of force into the front of the toilet.

I don’t get why so many violent assholes think that babies aren’t supposed to puke and cry. A number of years ago I was dating a girl who had a son about 2-years-old. I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of the kid but I dealt with it. One weekend we went on a trip and on the way back the boy let a torrent of vomit fly in my new truck it would have made Linda Blair proud. Was I mad? You better believe it. Did I strike a child that wasn’t even mine? Of course not. After being angry for about a second my common sense kicked in and then I was more concerned for the child’s well-being. Even though I wasn’t fond of the kid I didn’t want to wish any harm on him. Luckily it was just car sickness.

Back to the story at hand though the mother of the child allegedly said that Howard had hit the boy before but she didn’t intervene because she thought that would only make it worse. What? That makes no sense whatsoever. Ladies, if a man hits any of your kids he should be fearing for his life because of what you may do. At the very least you call the cops and you get you and your kids out of there. There is no man worth that.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

Michael Moore (not that one) arretsed for craigslist child porn

Not the film maker Michael Moore.

Portland man arrested in Craigslist porn case:

Craigslist post leads to child pornography arrest:

45-year-old Michael Moore of Portland, Oregon was arrested late last month for allegedly posting child porn in the casual encounters section of craigslist. Where else, right? If the child porn wasn’t creepy enough check out what he allegedly posted along with it…

Phelps was scrolling through the Casual Encounters section when she says she saw pictures of Moore dressed in women’s clothing and an inappropriate picture of a little girl. She says the ad bragged that he had 3,000 other similar pictures.

“He talked about wearing her underwear,” Phelps says the ad continued, “and when mommy left, things would happen and how she loved it. It was just horrible.”

This was posted in February and Moore wasn’t arrested until six months later with the help of the FBI and the NCMEC. God only knows what this freak did in those six months. That time could have been a lot shorter if craigslist were to actually moderate at least the casual encounters section instead of doing nothing to stem the tide of pedophiles and predators on their site.

Portland craigslist creeper says he did it for a ‘friend’

Lucas Gautreaux

Feds arrest man in Portland hotel on accusations of seeking sex with girl:

The FBI has arrested 33-year-old Lucas James Gautreaux, of Portland, Oregon for allegedly soliciting sex from an underage girl on craigslist. The Portland PD notified the feds after they noticed a casual encounters ad that was posted by someone lookingt to have sex either with someone’s wife or little girl.

A Portland detective who is a member of an FBI task force set up a meeting with Gautreaux at a hotel bar. The detective posed as a man with a 12-year-old daughter who would let Gautreaux have sex with her. How the arrest went down is a classic…

Eventually, they went to a fourth-floor hotel room. Inside, the shower was running, and the detective told Gautreaux that his daughter was taking a shower. The detective asked if his daughter was almost done.

Soon, the water stopped, and the bathroom door opened.

FBI agents came out and took Gautreaux into custody. They read him his Miranda rights.

While this is not a comical issue I just have this image of all these FBI agents storming out of the bathroom like it was a clown car before tackling this scumbag in a giant pile of pissed off agents.

As usual with these creeps Gautreaux had his excuses all ready. According to investigators not only did he say that he has Asperger’s, like that’s relevant, he said that he was really checking out the situation for a ‘friend’ who is a cameraman who makes porn. Hey buddy, that does not make your situation any better under any circumstances even if it was true.

So I still don’t get it. A few years ago MySpace was crawling with pedophiles and predators and everyone was so up in arms about it from the highest level of government to your local soccer mom yet no one gives a crap that they’ve all migrated to craigslist. Again I ask where is useful outrage when you need it?

Another Weeder Breeder takes pics of his kid with pot

Christopher Lee Bradley

Father Takes Photo Of Toddler Playing With Marijuana:

Portland man accused of letting son, 2, handle marijuana:

Again, who says pot doesn’t make you stupid? Or is it your stupid to smoke pot? Either way we have another burnout Breeder who thought it would be funny to take pics of his kid with weed.

In Portland, Tennessee police were called to the house of Christopher Lee Bradley on a domestic dispute call. Allegedly Bradley dragged his wife by the hair down a hallway and when she locked herself in a bathroom he tried breaking down the door. I thought dope smokers were supposed to be mellow.

Anyway after police arrived the wife is said to have told police about pictures on Bradley’s cell phone of the kid handling a decent amount of weed. One such picture is below.

Kid looks like a pro

Bradley has been charged with domestic assault and a felony charge of child neglect.

Remember kids, no matter how cool or helpful you think weed is it’s still illegal. Not to mention that you shouldn’t have this shit around your kids anyway.

Thanks to Nicole for the tip.

Oregon man sentenced for craigslist child prostitution


Ore. man gets nearly 16 years for sex trafficking:

39-year-old Donnico T. Johnson of Portland, Oregon was sentenced to almost 16 years in federal prison on child prostitution and trafficking charges.

Johnson would traffic a 15-year-old Seattle girl between Portland and Seattle for the purposes of prostitution and of course he advertised the girl on craigslist.

I wonder if this means that craigslist will send a cease and desist letter to the federal government to stop linking craigslist to child prostitution.

Hell, for that matter where is my C&D from craigslist?

Bad Girlfriend stabs girl

New Details Revealed In Stabbing Of 3-Year-Old:

We don’t get a lot of bad girlfriend stories but this one should prove that we’re not gender biased here.

22-year-old Serenity (not really) Sanchez was arrested in Portland, Oregon for stabbing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter.

The boyfriend says that he saw Sanchez go into the girl’s room and heard a scream. The girl was stabbed in the liver and spleen and the wound barely missed her intestines which would have been a death blow. Luckily the girl is in stable condition.

And why did all this allegedly happen? Because the boyfriend wanted to break up with Sanchez.

Guys will only put up with crazy for so long.

Thank to Jessica for the tip.

By the way I’m all about the alliteration so if anyone can come up with a ‘g’ word to describe the girlfriends I’d be most appreciative.