Blunt force trauma is not a potty training tool

Goodyear girl still in hospital 3 weeks after potty-training ‘war’:

What is it about potty training that drives bad parents to violent extremes?

Take for example Raul Varela, 40, and his wife, Tricia Varela, 39, of Goodyear, Arizona. They’re the parents of six kids. They have two biological sons ages 7 and 9, and four adopted daughters ages 2 through 8. You’d think by now that they would have this potty training thing down pat. Apparently not because 3 weeks ago Mrs. Valera brought her 4-year-old daughter to the ER for abdominal pain. As usual in these cases the hospital discovered signs of abuse consisting of bruises on the girls arms, legs, back head and abdomen and had a broken arm. The hospital said that the injuries were consistent with blunt force trauma.

The Valera’s admitted to police that they were in a potty training ‘war’ with their daughter and this is what they allegedly told police…

Raul and Tricia Varela admitted they had caused the girl’s injuries on April 25, the report states. The couple said they forced her on the toilet by restraining her with her hands held behind her back, pushing on her stomach, back and legs and pushing her head down between her legs.

Raul Varela told police he and his wife often force the girl to stay on the toilet for “hours on end” because it’s the only way they can get her to comply, according to the report. He said he was aware doing so causes visible injury and knew she was hurt on April 25 but did not get her medical attention.

The Varelas brought her to the hospital three days later because they thought she was constipated.

Not for the blunt force trauma injuries that riddled this girl’s body but because she was ‘constipated’. Well thank God for constipation or this girl might be dead.

When teaching young children like this things aren’t supposed to be a ‘war’ and more than likely this girl will probably be scarred for life about using the bathroom.

Thanks to Tricia (not the one in the article) for the tip.