Parents arrested in Northbrook

Two Adults, One Student Charged in Suburban Chicago Hazing Incident:

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Two parents arrested for providing minors with alcohol at the Northbrook “powder puff” hazing incident. Of course, the suspects are denying the allegations. Shouldn’t this be open and shut though? I mean how hard is it to track down someone who bought a keg? You have to leave a deposit especially if you don’t have your own tap. Anyway, this is obviously a case of parents trying to be their children’s buddies rather than being parents. Do I even dare repeat myself? You need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid.

Way to back pedal

School Offers Graduation Deal to Hazing Suspects:

Just when I thought school officials at Glenbrook North High School had a pair they’re now offering deals to the hazing suspects. If the students don’t fight expulsion or try to make money off the incident through a book deal or such they’ll be allowed to graduate. I say screw’em. No deals. Expel them. No graduation. But of course, some students are not taking the deal. I guess they feel they did nothing wrong. One lawyer even said, “We believe Marnie was punished for conduct which the school has accepted and tolerated for 23 years.”

Somehow I don’t think the school accepted and tolerated beatings and covering students with feces and pig intestines. Hopefully, Cook County prosecutors won’t be so accommodating.

Charges Filed

Hazing Students Charged With Misdemeanor Battery:

Fifteen of the students involved with the Illinois “powder puff” hazing incident have been charged with misdemeanor battery. If found guilty sentences could range from 364 days in prison to or court supervision. How much do you want to bet none of those kids even sniff a jail cell. Police are still looking for the jackass parents who provided the kegs. If they do find them and they don’t serve any jail time then there’s no hope for the legal system in this country.

Justice for Juniors

Judge rejects suspended student’s motion over hazing incident:

Thanks to Bad Jocks for the link. A Cook County Judge has turned down a request from one of the seniors involved in the Northbrook hazing incident to have her school suspension lifted. Thank God that there are judges like this who still have some common sense. The student, Marnie Holz, said the suspension would damage her academic standing, prevent her from attending Saturday’s prom, and possibly prevent her from graduating with her class. Boo-freakin’ hoo. She should have thought of that before she was involved in an event where people had shit and pig intestines thrown on them and then had the crap beat out of them. Personally, I think they should all be expelled. Point blank. It used to be you had to live with the consequences of your actions. Not anymore I guess if your parents can afford a lawyer.

It figures

Second Student Files Lawsuit Over Hazing Suspensions:

As soon as suspensions were handed down in the Northbrook hazing incident two students have filed lawsuits to keep the punishment from being enforced. What kills me is that their parents had to be the ones who got them the lawyers in the first place. Nice message to send to your kids. Do whatever you feel like no matter how illegal it is and then when someone tries to punish you sue them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be the same parents that supplied the beer. Like I’ve always said, you need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid.

Expulsions Imminent

Principal: School will seek expulsions for hazing:

Well it’s about time. Finally, a school board is doing something about a hazing incident. The principal of Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook Illinois is stating that several students will be expelled in conjunction with the now infamous “powder puff” hazing incident. It’s finally refreshing to see an educator that isn’t afraid of taking disciplinary action.

2 Hazing stories for the price of 1

Parents Probed in ‘Powder Puff’ Hazing Incident:

Police seem to think that parents may have supplied the beer and the feces for the Northbrook Il. “powder-puff” hazing incident. That’s so nice, isn’t it? At what point does a parent say…”I love my child so much that I’m going to supply them with a keg of beer and a bag of shit so they can humiliate someone else’s children”? If that turns out to be true there better be jail time involved.

Affidavit gives details of alleged sexual assault, hazing:

I guess the men were feeling left out because we now have another tea-bagging incident. 3 members of a high school baseball team held down one player while another dragged his genitals across his face and mouth. All 4 have been arrested on sexual assault charges. You know in my day the worst that happened to you was you got snapped with a wet towel on the ass. How long will it be before high school athletic hazing involves full-blown forced sodomy?

Hazing, strong enough for a man but made for women

Classmates React To Alleged Hazing:

Alleged??? What’s so alleged about it? There’s a video of it. Anyway thanks to for the link. I’m sure we’ve all heard of this hazing incident in Chicago by now. It seems that hazing is not just among men. Women seem to be getting into the game. Under the guise of a “powder puff” football game between female members of the senior and junior classes but quickly degenerated into a severe beatdown on the juniors. One girl has a broken ankle. One girl received 15 stitches. Another girl has suffered hearing loss. And I guess not to be outdone by the Sharpie Sodomy guys one girl even contracted a bacterial infection after being forced to eat human waste. That’s right, she had to eat someone’s shit. What makes me even more sick is that some of the students feel the juniors got what they deserved. And other students are looking forward to next year. And still, there’s a question of whether criminal charges should be brought against the seniors. What’s to question? Making someone eat shit has got to be assault at the very least. But who knows? Maybe next year someone will be forced to… you know what? I can’t even think of anything worse than that. But I’m sure they will. If no arrests are made then there has been a severe miscarriage of justice.