Freedom Part 4

Prison Bars 1

The whiners also complain that prisons are overcrowded. I actually have two things to say about that. Either build more prisons or stuff as many of them in a cell as you can. Again, it’s prison, not a daycare.

Building prisons would create more jobs but since there are so many NIMBYs out there it’s getting harder and harder to get them built. If people don’t want a prison built near them they can move. Besides it’s extremely rare to be taken hostage after a prison break. You have about the same chances as winning the lottery.

Another thing the whiners say is that there are too many non-violent drug offenders in prison. Not a problem. I’m not completely heartless. Let’s build separate prisons for them. We can also bring back chain gangs for them too. Not picking up trash on the side of the road either. I mean things like digging ditches.

And again I need to stress that it’s very easy to solve these problems. Not only is it simple it’s common sense. If you want to stay out of jail don’t break the law and don’t associate with people who do.

Freedom Part 3

Prison Bars 1

You would think that the prospect of being shived or ‘making new friends’ as it were would be enough to discourage people to stay out of prison but obviously that’s not enough.

Maybe if prisons today weren’t so cushy there wouldn’t be such a large amount of the population in prison. Granted for any normal person prison would be a living nightmare but for rapists and killers it’s 3 hots and a cot as they say. They need to get rid of all the luxuries afforded in prison. No TV, no weights, and most importantly bring back hard labor.

Granted hard labor and never stopped Dillinger but I’m sure we had much less of a prison population back then.

(To be continued)

Freedom Part 2

Prison Bars 1

The people who have this misguided idea of freedom usually end up getting their freedom taken away by the courts.

A wise man once said that freedom isn’t a right it’s a responsibility, What that means is that if you abuse your freedoms they will be taken away and that’s what prisons are for.

The fact that other free countries don’t have the same percentage of their population in prison leads me to believe they’re either not locking up as many criminals as they should or they’re not holding on to them as long as they should. Hell, I don’t think that the US us doing enough either but I digress.

I’ve posted numerous stories from other western countries where some of their most heinous criminals receive very light sentences. In Australia a group of teens basically raped a learning disabled girl, recorded it then tried to sell the DVD on MySpace. They saw no jail time. In the UK one of their most prolific child molesters who may have had hundreds of victims was only sentenced to 8 years. It’s not really a victory if you’re not incarcerating people who truly deserve it.

(To be continued)

Freedom Part 1

Prison Bars 1

(If it seems like the next series of posts is rambling that’s because it probably is)

A lot of whiny people like to throw out the stat that the US has the highest percentage of its population incarcerated and they say it like it’s a bad thing.

To that I say that if people don’t want to go to prison then don’t break the law. Simple as that.

The whiners like to say that this shows that the US is some kind of police state even though they couldn’t recognize a true police state if busted into their house at night, put a black hood over their head and dragged them away. The whiners also say that we’re not truly free in the US. I think these people are misguided on what freedom truly means. Personally I think that we may be just a little too free.

We pride ourselves on being a country that was founded on the very ideals of freedom. We even like to call ourselves the land of the free. The problem is that too many people think freedom is doing whatever the hell they want such as stealing, rioting, killing, etc. That is not freedom. That’s not even anarchy. That’s chaos.

As the old saying goes your rights end at my nose.

(To be continued)