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When a podcast pursues prostitution


I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts recently when the subject turned to prostitution. Now this wasn’t some hard-hitting news podcast but more of a humor/entertainment podcast. The podcast participants started commenting about how prostitution should be legal and how they don’t see it as a problem. I had to turn the podcast off at that point. I wasn’t offended but I just knew I would get frustrated listening to what essentially came down to the much cited myth of ‘consenting adults’. I just don’t see how legalizing prostitution would magically eliminate all the problems that go along with it. How would that eliminate human trafficking, child prostitution, rape, organized crime, drug addiction, violence against the prostitutes committed by both johns and pimps, and the like?

As is usually the case when this subject comes up a lot of people will point to places like Amsterdam and Nevada as examples of how legalized prostitution is flourishing. Sadly the reality here is even in legal zones like those mentioned all the aforementioned problems still take place.

Do I think the podcasters were trying to push some pro-sexual slavery agenda? No, of course not. Like too many people they are just uneducated on what prostitution really entails beyond the ‘consenting adults’ mantra.

Hey guys, I think I uh….dated a prostitue

A West Atlantic City motel after Hurricane Sandy. This is actually an improvement over what they looked like during the 80s.

A West Atlantic City motel after Hurricane Sandy. This is actually an improvement over what they looked like during the 80s.

The other night I was working on a story about the recent human trafficking arrest in West Atlantic City when it triggered a memory from my youth. It’s amazing how you can remember things differently with the wisdom of age and experience.

I wasn’t always the suave and debonair ladies man that I am today. In my youth I was a sheltered, gawky and awkward teen who had no self-confidence and no game at all when it came to the ladies. So imagine my surprise when a real live girl took a liking to me.

The year was 1987 and I was 18 at the time. Being under 21 at the South Jersey Shore during the off-season left us kids with very few recreational choices. Every once in a while my friends would drag me to an under 21 club. I hated this place because the music sucked and fights always broke out. I kind of lived in fear of everything back then.

At the club a friend of mine introduced me to a short and curvaceous girl with a beautiful face. A slow song came on and she asked me to dance. Of course I said yes. Dancing with her was a little cumbersome since I was 6’2” and she was 4’11”. I was staring out into space trying to act like I’ve been there before. She said something to me that I didn’t hear and when I looked down to ask her what she said I was met with ‘the look’. I leaned in for a kiss and for the first time in my life I didn’t screw it up. She put her arms around my neck and drew me in like she had been waiting for me all her life.

Would you call a beaten homeless woman a consenting adult?

Man beat homeless woman forced her into prostitution, authorities say:


27-year-old Jesse Lewis had an interesting way of getting women to allegedly prostitute for him. According to Tampa police at least on one occasion he choked and beat a homeless woman, made her call him ‘daddy’ then advertised her on Backpage. Lewis was said to have kept all the money made by the woman.

The victim was able to escape Lewis after he fell asleep. Most women in her situation are not so lucky.

According to reports Lewis tried defending himself that he finds promiscuous women but doesn’t get involved in how they make money. That’s because they don’t make any money because he keeps it all. Either that or he just beats homeless women for fun.

So the next time you ‘hobbyists’ go on about consenting adults try to keep this story in mind. This is the rule and not the exception. Also, do I need to mention that Backpage continues to make money off of cretins like this? I will keep mentioning it until it stops.

Tragic case of Backpage sex trafficking in Detroit

Deante L. Brown

Deante L. Brown

Task force busts alleged online prostitution ring at Southfield hotel:

26-year-old Deante L. Brown of Detroit, Michigan is facing federal charges of sex trafficking after he allegedly prostituted several women on Backpage. What makes this story even more tragic than usual is one of the women he was prostituting. I can’t do her plight justice so I’ll quote the article.

“April” turned out to be an alias for a former Eastern Michigan University teaching student who developed a blood disorder that resulted in her losing multiple fingers, court records show. After the amputation, she became addicted to pain-killers, heroin and crack cocaine and turned to prostitution because she believed she had “no place to go and no one to turn to for help,” according to court records.

She says that Brown turned her out at a hotel in the Detroit suburb of Southfield, Michigan where she was forced to have sex with men sometimes ten times a day. In return Brown would giver her a baggie of crack for each date and that Brown would not allow her to sleep. She says that was the only way she could get through it. When police set up sting she told them that there is a large group at the motel involved in sex and drug trafficking. Brown was arrested when he returned to the hotel room.

Again this should go as the ultimate myth buster when it comes to consenting adults. A lot of times pimps and traffickers use women who are already hooked on drugs or get them hooked on drugs to work for them. This is a practice you’re supporting when you use a prostitute and try to justify it to yourself by claiming they’re consenting.

Also in this article an FBI agent stated that Backpage is not part of the problem.

“Backpage really isn’t to blame. … It’s the exploiters out there who are taking advantage of the minors and these females,” said Edward Price, an FBI officer with the task force. He noted that several media outlets run adult material and escort ads, which are not illegal.

While I’m not going to call for Agent Price’s badge I have to vehemently disagree with him. While some other publications may carry ads for prostitution none of them have as many and make as much money on them as Backpage. Brown was said to have kept most of the money that April earned so the only people making money off of her were Brown and Backpage. To me that makes them 100% complicit in the sex trafficking trade. It’s sad to see that an FBI agent can’t see this.

Reno craigslist pimp bragged of turning woman into prostitute

Robert Pariset-Bailey

Robert Pariset-Bailey

Busted For Prostitution Post On Craigslist:

Citizen tips lead to arrest of alleged Reno pimp, help get alleged teen prostitute off the street:

White Reggae Man over there is 27-year-old Robert Pariset-Bailey. He was recently arrested in Reno, Nevada for allegedly prostituting a woman in exchange for drugs.

Police in Reno received a citizen’s tip about the craigslist ad allegedly posted by Pariset-Bailey that offered a woman in exchange for drugs. Police set up a meeting with Pariset-Bailey and gave him cash and fake meth. He allegedly bragged about turning the 20-year-old woman into a prostitute and said that he had other women as well.

The woman was arrested as well however she was referred to resources to help her get out of the business.

But Trench, isn’t prostitution legal in Nevada? Yes, but not in Reno or Las Vegas. This goes to prove my point that legalizing prostitution does not make the dark side of it go away. You can go to all the other counties in Nevada you want yet prostitution is still prolific in the two casino towns.

By the way craigslist, this is real community policing. Not your bullcrap way of letting the criminals on your website decide which ads should be flagged. Maybe you should look into real community policing.

Florida Backpage sting nets 92 arrests

Samuel Yoon

Samuel Yoon

Polk undercover operation leads to 92 prostitution arrests:

If you haven’t been following my site for a while you’d know that Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, Florida is one of if not the most proactive law enforcement officer when it comes to catching craigslist and backpage traffickers and predators. His latest feat is just one huge accomplishment in a long list of accomplishments in this area. His latest sting that involved prostitutes, johns and pimps has netted the arrests of 92 people.

Among them was 45-year-old Samuel Yoon. Yoon is/was a youth minister from California who was arrested during the sting for allegedly wanting to ‘have sex’ with a 14-year-old child prostitute. Also arrested was a guy celebrating his divorce and another guy who was on his honeymoon.

Sheriff Judd has put Backpage on notice…

“It’s abundantly clear to us Backpage is facilitating organized prostitution and facilitating human trafficking.”

Judd said he’s putting Backpage officially on notice. “It’s a promise. Backpage, you are going to be criminally investigated. So are the people in charge of your organization.”

We need more law enforcement officials like Sheriff Judd who are willing to make high-profile stings like this in order to get the word out that sex trafficking of women and children will not be tolerated and that Backpage is the problem and not even remotely close to being part of the solution as they may claim.

UPDATE: Sheriffs also discovered a 15-year-old girl who was working as a prostitute since she was 13. They say that she was tattooed with gang symbols marking her as her pimp’s property. How can anyone not call this slavery as the branding of slaves was prevalent prior to the U.S. Civil War? Those who forget the past are really doomed to repeat it.

Sheriff Judd has also stated that he has the permission of the state to launch a full-fledged investigation into Backpage. Hopefully he can accomplish something that no lawmaker or law enforcement officer has been yet to do.

Ohio couple charged with backpage and craigslist sex trafficking

Mack and Onysko

Mack and Onysko

Human trafficking charges: Jeremy Mack, Ashley Onysk accused of forcing teens to have sex for money:

Teenage girls were “virtual prisoners” in Elyria house; man charged with forcing victims into drugs, prostitution:

The people with the oh so classy tattoos up there are 37-year-old Jeremy Mack of Elyria, Ohio and 23-year-old Ashley Onysko of Avon Lake, Ohio. The pair are facing federal charges of human trafficking after being arrested in April in Elyria. One of the girls they allegedly turned out was a 16-year-old girl. Police say that Mack would get the girls and women hooked on drugs then make them work as prostitutes to pay off their drug debts. A 19-year-old said that she witnessed Mack choking and assaulting some of his victims. None of the victims were allowed to leave the house, had their cell phones taken away and were routinely strip searched when drugs went missing. Like Ohio needs anymore houses where women are being held captive. Onysko was allegedly the one who would recruit their victims. The victims were being advertised on both craigslist (hey, didn’t they clean that up?) and Backpage.

The hobbyists, aka johns, would have you believe that prostitution is a rainbow and unicorn filled word rife with consenting adults. In a harsh reality consent is more the exception than the rule.

Maryland Backpage pimp says there are no victims

Nahshon Kornegay

Nahshon Kornegay

Nahshon Kornegay sentenced to 10 years for pimping in Rockville:

Nahshon Kornegay of District Heights, Maryland was recently sentenced to 10 1/2 years for prostituting two women in Rockville, Maryland. He had advertised them on Backpage of course.

Kornegay was convicted back in January and argued that the women chose to work for him and that there are no victims even though Kornegay used threats of violence to keep the women working for him. Thankfully the judge and jury disagreed. As a matter of fact the prosecution stated that Kornegay continued to prostitute women even from behind bars including the mother of his child. Stay classy.

Which just goes to show you that these pimps and traffickers obviously only care about making the money under any means necessary. Much like Backpage itself for allowing these ads for sexual slavery to continue.

Texas lawmaker introduces Backpage bill


Bill Would Make Prostitution Advertisements a Crime:

Texas State Representative Jose Manuel Lozano recently introduced a bill to the Texas legislature that would make it a crime to buy advertising for prostitution. He nicknamed it the Backpage bill since it’s mostly focused on the always dubious Backpage.com.

In a hearing before the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, Lozano used his iPad to demonstrate the current advertising on Backpage.com. He read an ad offering the services of a “young, hot, freaky, addicting, petite young Latina.”

His proposal would make it a felony to buy such advertising and might press Backpage.com to get out of the business.

I get the feeling the young Latina in question was not advertising her services as a math tutor.

While admire Representative Lozano’s intentions so far all state laws designed to curtail sex trafficking on Backpage have failed under judicial challenge. I haven’t heard much about Rep. Lozano’s bill but I don’t have much hope for it. While I look forward to a day when Backpage no longer deals in human trafficking I have yet to hear of any legislation that has the magic words that would allow it to survive challenge. Unfortunately I doubt this bill has it either.

NY man charged with 3 Backpage rapes

Silvio Raul Illescas

Silvio Raul Illescas

Elmsford man charged in 2 hotel rapes:

Silvio Raul Illescas, of Elmsford, charged in 3rd hotel rape:

This story is a month old so I apologize for not bringing it to you sooner however I just received it myself.

Anyway, 40-year-old Silvio Raul Illescas was arrested early in March for allegedly raping three escorts that he found off of Backpage in Westchester County, New York. He is accused of taping two of the women in Greenburgh and one in Tarrytown. Police say that he raped at least one of the women at knifepoint cutting her. She sustained minor injuries as far as the knife goes. Investigators are also said to be looking at Illescas in other possible rapes as well.

I think that a lot of these scumbags pick prostitutes as their target not only because of the ease of access to them online but also they think that not only will they not report it but if they do that police won’t believe them. Thankfully it seems today that police do care. There was a time that this was not the case.

You know who doesn’t care? Backpage of course. They still go on waving the First Amendment in everybody’s face while women are being raped and killed through their website. Meanwhile they’re taking their blood money all the way to the bank without fear of any kind of legal reprisal. It’s sad that this is the world we live in and very few people seem to actually care about it.