Provo pinhead pinched for being pedophile pervert and predator

Police: Provo man used Facebook to lure, rape 14-year-old girl:

Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Zippy the Pinhead’s cousin over there is 31-year-old Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez of Provo, Utah. Police there say that Gonzalez-Rodriguez was posing as a 19-year-old on Facebook and had befriended a 14-year-old girl. He convinced the girl to meet him in a park (naturally) after dark where he allegedly raped her.

Since Gonzalez-Rodriguez’s Facebook profile was filled with fake information Provo police posed as a 15-year-old girl and sent him a friend request which Gonzalez-Rodriguez was said to have accepted immediately. This set up the inevitable meeting with police which resulted in his arrest. At the time of his arrest police say he presented the ID of his cousin who had left the country and disavowed any knowledge of any 15-year-old girl. I wonder if he also tried pulling the ol’ “¿No habla ingles?” trick. At least he didn’t claim to be ‘just hanging out’.

Parents of teenage girls, please implore to your children that of someone from Facebook wants to meet them after dark or wants them to sneak out then they’re probably have less than good intentions on their mind.

Utah craigslist cruiser blackmailed

Brad Ray Adams

Brad Ray Adams

Police say man used Craigslist for sex, extortion:

If you’re a gay man or you hit from both sides of the plate I’m happy for you, I really am. However you may want to clue in important people in your life to your lifestyle. For instance your fiance. But if you’re trying to stay in the closet or keeping it on the down low as it were you may want to avoid cruising craigslist for anonymous hook ups. You may just find yourself blackmailed and outed.

In Provo, Utah police arrested Brad Ray Adams for allegedly extorting money from a man he met through craigslist. The victim was engaged to a woman at the time and Adams threatened to reveal their trysts to the fiance if the victim didn’t pay Adams and continued to have sex with him. Even after complying with Adams’ demands he revealed everything to the victim’s family. You would be correct in assuming that the victim is no longer engaged.

Adams had claimed that he had ruined the lives of others in a similar way.

Honestly I can never understand what it’s like to go through life gay but once again I would recommend to gay and straight people not to engage in anonymous hook ups on craigslist. Extortion is probably the least dangerous thing that could happen to you.

UPDATE 5/6/2012: Adams was only sentenced to 15 days in jail and a year on probation. Score another one for the bad guys.