There’s this thing called an ambulance

Parents accused of injury to child:

18-year-old Dominique Lawrence and 25-year-old Daylan Johnson, both of Houston, Texas, were arrested last week for allegedly abusing their 7-month-old daughter.

They took the girl to the hospital after they say she was being lethargic and had a loss of appetite. The hospital said different claiming they found fractures on both sides of the girl’s skull, a fractured femur and evidence of attempted suffocation.

But the real kicker on this story is the fact that the Breeders did not call 911 to get their own flesh and blood to the hospital as soon as possible. They took the freakin’ bus to the hospital. It took them THREE HOURS to get to the hospital. Police say they were worried about tipping off CPS by calling 911. Again more scum that is more concerned about being arrested than the health and welfare of their own child. I guess they thought that CPS is all knowing but they could fool people who have medical degrees.

Thanks to Jen for the tip.