We get letters: Police ILLEGALLY used a tactic


A few years ago when MySpace was at its peak the Punta Gorda, Florida police department would pose on MySpace as a chick that digs weed. There was no shortage of people willing to sell this fake chick weed. By my accounts they arrested at least a dozen people doing this back in the day.

Fast forward to this week when I got an e-mail from one of the suspects…

I am demanding that you remove your current article that is posted on your website about the PG Myspace bust. I am receiving death threats ever since you have posted this. First of all your info is WRONG, I did not “roll over” 4 people after I was arrested, the PGPD ILLEGALLY used a tactic were they used a FAKE profile to contact stoners online, I am not a drug dealer whatsoever. If you do not remove this article immediately then I will have my attorney contact you thank you for your cooperation.

Before we get to the heart of the matter I asked my Facebook friends if I should remove the post after such a request. Here are a sampling of the responses.

Leave it, he has a crappy attitude, and he’s stupid enough to try to sell weed to a total stranger off the internet.

Inform him that after blogging, your second fav hobby is collecting letters from lawyers and you cant wait to hear from his.

(Trench’s Note: To this day I’ve only received one letter from a lawyer and it was a DMCA takedown request)

First off IF he’s receiving death threats, which I highly doubt, it isn’t because of the article, it’s because he lacks the ability to man up and accept the consequences of his own actions!! Secondly he’s “demanding”?!? Screw him leave it!!

Rapists and child molesters receive death threats. This guy is just butthurt. (From a prison guard)

There was not one comment in favor of me removing the post. So in short my answer is…


Now on to the heart of the matter.

First off Spicoli, you and your lawyer, who is probably just one of your stoner buddies who slept through a criminal justice class at community college, can get bent. Are you going to sue the Herald Tribune, the news source I used where I found out about your arrest? How about the pro-weed site that said, and I quote…

The suspect was arrested after he was convinced by Charlotte County narcs to set up two of his MySpace friends. He arranged to make a buy and police arrested the two marijuana MySpacers on their way to the meeting point. Then these two doobie dorks threw two of their friends into the cop net! After that evening of nickel-and-dime busts, police called MySpace “the new street corner”.

They used your actual name by the way. Are you going to sue them too?

How about all the mugshot sites that post information about your August 10, 2009 arrest for violating your probation for allegedly being in possession of drug paraphernalia? Are you going to sue them too? If so you and your ‘lawyer’ better get busy.

Secondly it was not an illegal tactic used by the Punta Gorda P.D. That’s just a lame excuse that you use to make yourself look less stupid. Guess what jack, it ain’t working. You’re just another idiot burnout who has the IQ of a cardboard drink tray without being as useful as one.

Bad Boyfriend and mother accused of molesting toddler

gnelsonMan charged with sexual abuse of 18-month-old:

Sex with toddler alleged:

Bitter Beer Face over there is 59-year-old Glenn M. Nelson of Punta Gorda, Florida. Him and his main squeeze, age and name unknown, are accused of molesting her 18-month-old daughter since almost from the day she was born.

Police are being tight lipped about this case but what we do know is that they originally served a search warrant on the mother’s house and allegedly found child porn on her computer. They also found chats between the pair talking about molesting the girl on webcam. So that could mean that there were other child molesting scumbags watching these sick freaks as well and did nothing about it.

That led police to raid Nelson’s home and office where more pictures of the girl were found.

As of now the mother has not been charged yet. Now before you get up in arms about that let me explain something. I’ve been writing about the Punta Gorda PD for a number of years now. They are one of the best police departments in the country in my opinion. Believe me, they will not let this woman escape justice. They’re probably just making sure that they’re i’s are dotted and their t’s are crossed.

The baby is in the custody of a relative at this time.

Thanks to Liz, LadyJade and Annita for the tip.

Punta Gorda PD make a different kind of arrest

Police: Myspace mission leads to sex arrest:

The police department of Punta Gorda, Florida have been featured on this site many times. Usually it’s for the arrest of some drug dealer that blatantly advertises on MySpace. This time they made a completely different kind of arrest.

Punta Gorda PD arrested 19-year-old Tyler Stancker of Pennsylvania. Stancker traveled from Pennsylvania to Florida in order to have sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

He is being charged with fourteen counts of Lewd Battery, two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation, and one count of Prohibited Use of Computer Services.

He will be transported to the Charlotte County Jail for booking procedures where he will be held on no bond.

Wow, no bond. That’s pretty harsh. Not that he’ll get any sympathy from me. I still don’t understand why someone would travel that great a distance for a 14-year-old girl.