1-year-old survives night in the wilds of Canada

1-year-old boy in T-shirt, diaper survives night in woods:

An unidentified man from Quebec was arrested on charges of child abandonment after his 1-year-old son spent a night in the woods wearing just a diaper and a t-shirt in rainy 5C weather.

Police found the man’s car empty and later caught up with him at a hospital. Of course the man had been drinking.

Luckily the boy was ok.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.

Canadian doctor accused of killing kids

A horrified town wonders, why?:

Dr. Guy Turcotte of St. Jérôme, Quebec stands accused of killing his two kids in a botched murder-suicide attempt. Dead are his two children Olivier Turcotte, 5, and Anne-Sophie Turcotte, 3. The motive behind the killings seems to be that Turcotte was distraught over being separated from his wife. I guess this is another case of ‘if I can’t have the kids no one can’. How selfish can you get? If you’re that upset about your failed marriage kill yourself but don’t take it out on your kids. Or even better, you can just be a man and carry on with your life so your kids will still have two parents.

In a case of somewhat poetic justice the hospital he was taken to refused to treat him because it was the same hospital that him and his doctor wife worked at.

He’s still in ICU in a different hospital and hasn’t spoken to police yet.

Thanks to AnnaRayna for the tip.

Quebec children killed in failed murder-suicide

Que. woman charged with murder in children’s deaths:

36-year-old Cathy Gauthier-Lachance of the Saguenay region Quebec was arrested in connection with the deaths of her 3 children and her husband. There has been no motive for the killings but both parents had recently lost their jobs. It’s alleged that this was supposed to have been a murder and suicide pact between Gauthier-Lachance and her husband 46-year-old Marc Laliberte.

The RCMP have said that the children, 12-year old Joelle, 7-year old Marc-Ange and 4-year old Louis-Philippe, died from either suffocation or poisoning. Both Laliberte and Gauthier-Lachance had stab wounds.

I still don’t get why when people are having financial difficulties they feel the need to punish their children for their own failures. If you want to kill yourselves go alone. Let the kids have a fighting chance at least.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.

Joshua Innes

Man guilty of luring teens over Internet:

25-year-old Joshua Innes of Montreal pleaded guilty to charges of luring a child under 18 on the Internet, extortion, and distributing child pornography.

Court heard in an agreed statement of facts that Innes posed as a 16-year-old girl named Nicky from Calgary on the popular social networking site Nexopia.

Innes began exchanging messages with the Edmonton girl, complimenting her and eventually turned the topic toward sex.

He sent her a video that showed a teenage girl performing a sex act which the victim believed was Nicky.

After persistent coaxing, the girl took off her clothes and performed sexual acts in front of her web camera, which Innes recorded in Montreal on his computer.

About a week later, “Nicky” asked the girl what was the worst thing she’s ever done. She said she once talked about a friend behind her back and asked Nicky the same question. He replied, “I pretended to be a 16-year-old girl on the Internet.”

Innes then demanded she perform more sex acts for the webcam or he would upload the video on the web and send it to people listed as friends on her Nexopia profile.

The victim told a friend who alerted her parents, who called police.

When an Edmonton police officer, Det. Randy Wickens, posed online as the victim, Innes aggressively demanded the girl perform again or he would send out the video.

Innes was arrested in his home where he lived with his parents.

Sentencing will take place in August.