School Crime Blotter 12/6/2017

School Threat Crime Blotter 12/6/2017

Teen Girls Arrested for School Threats Inspired by ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Police Say
Piqua High School, Piqua, Ohio.

Hamilton West student threatens shooting on social media:
Hamilton West High School, Hamilton, New Jersey. Threat was not credible.

Marana Unified issues statement on school shooting threat:
Marana, Arizona. Graffiti threatening school shooting found in Marana Middle School. Threat unsubstantiated.

Shooting threats made on social media toward schools in Maspeth & Middle Village under investigation:
School shooting threats made on social media towards schools in the Queens, New York neighborhoods of Maspeth, Miiddle Village and Elmhurst.

Warning of school shooting on bathroom wall causes lockout at Largo High:
Largo, Florida. Threat posted to social media. Investigation is ongoing.


21-year-old Nicholas O’Connor shot the security cameras at Booksin Elementary School in San Jose, California, while school was not in session. Disturbing, but not a school shooting.

Two students were shot and wounded outside Graham-Kapowsin High School in Graham, Washington. Police believe the shooting may be gang related. Not a school shooting.

Queens craigslist creeper wanted to climb through virgins’ windows

Queens craigslist creeper wanted to climb through virgins' windows

27-year-old Oscar J. Zagalo of Queens, New York, was arrested for allegedly trying to solicit sex from underage girls on craigslist. According to investigators, Zagalo was not exactly subtle with his intentions.

On June 24, the investigator stumbled upon an ad titled “Virgin? Would you like to lose it (M4W)” and “Hello HS and Virgin Girls.”

“Servicing any inexperienced girl willing to loose (sic) it, any age,” the ad read. “You can have me climb through your window at night or I can host. I’m very experienced and skilled. Girl party friendly too. Great for your slumber party with your girlfriends. Please send pictures with your reply. Ciao!”

Police responded to the ad posing as a 13-year-old girl and arrested Zagalo at a predetermined meeting place. Zagalo reportedly thanked police when they arrested him stating they saved him.

This is craigslist at its lowest. Craigslist does moderate their ads for certain things but only when it benefits them. However when it comes to checking their ads for potential child molesters, they couldn’t care less. If craigslist can moderate their ads for any reason, then they can moderate their ads for scumbags like this, except they probably don’t want to lose the traffic the personals and casual encounters sections bring them.

Snapchat sleaze who lured girl from Sydney to New York blames victim

Snapchat sleaze who lured girl from Sydney to New York blames victim

Sean Price

I originally posted about Sean Price here. He’s the man from Queens, New York, who is accused of luring a 16-year-old girl from Sydney, Australia to Queens, New York, through Snapchat. Unsurprisingly, Price is now trying to blame the victim for his predicament.

From jail in New York, Price reportedly called the Daily Mail Australia to try to tell his side of the story, his side being the ‘I didn’t know she was 16’ defense. Price tells the Daily Mail…

‘First of all, she told me she was 22 – and I made my choice. Do you ask a girl for ID if she looks young? No,’ Price said.

‘If I figured she was that young I wouldn’t have met her.’

Right. So in the entire time you were chatting with her, through the time you bought the airline ticket, up until the time she was discovered in your mom’s basement, you’re going to tell me that you never knew her age? So why then did you allegedly have your mother tell police that neither you nor the girl were there? You are said to have driven her from L.A. to New York and you’re going to tell me the subject of her age never came up? Plus, didn’t you have to know her date of birth in order to purchase the ticket from Sydney to L.A.?

As an aside, in my previous post I wondered where the case would be prosecuted. From the Daily Mail article, it seems to indicate he will be prosecuted in the US, but could be further prosecuted in Australia. This will be an interesting one to watch.

Snapchat sleaze accused of luring girl from Sydney to New York

Snapchat sleaze accused of luring girl from Sydney to New York

I’ve posted stories before about predators who have lured girls from across the country. I’ve posted stories before about how predators have lured girls from one country to another, usually from Canada to the US. To my recollection this is the first time I’ve ever posted a story about an alleged predator who lured a girl from another hemisphere.

39-year-old Sean Price, of Queens, New York, is accused of luring a 16-year-old girl, who he met on Snapchat, from Sydney, Australia, to his home on Queens. Price allegedly sent the girl $1500 USD in order for her to fly from Sydney to L.A. Price is said to have met the girl in L.A., then the pair drove from L.A. to New York. They are said to have ‘had sex’ in multiple states during their coast to coast road trip. Depending on the state, the ‘had sex’ may actually be ‘child rape’.

The NYPD received a tip from Australian authorities and tracked down Price at the home he shared with his mother. At first, even his own mother covered for him, stating that he wasn’t home but police eventually found him and his victim in the basement. That’s right, they found a shifty online creep who couldn’t get women his own age in mom’s basement.

A flight from Sydney to L.A. is 7500 miles and takes 15 hours. To then drive from L.A. to Queens is 2800 miles and takes around 3-4 days if you drive for 12 hours a day. This jackhole took this girl from her home and family with the most obsessive depravity I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading about. If there’s some online sexual predator book of records this scumbag definitely wins the award for most miles lured.

It will be interesting to see where Mr. Pedophile Travel Agent will be prosecuted.
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Craigslist ad for hoverboards leads to strange NY robbery

Yeah, I know. It doesn't actually hover. Get over it.

Yeah, I know. It doesn’t actually hover. Get over it.

Two Long Island men are lucky to be a live after responding to a craigslist ad for the latest hot gadget, the so-called hoverboard. After going to the home in Jackson Heights, Queens where they thought they were buying hoverboards they were instead robbed at gunpoint, tied up with duct tape and thrown into a pile with other victims. The two men, who did not arrive together, were both robbed of cash and their phones. Luckily the suspects ran off without further harming their victims.

Criminals will use the latest trends in order to get you to meet them with handfuls of cash by placing ads on craigslist. This has occurred in more than one murder when people have been killed after responding to a craigslist ad for whatever was the hot item at the time, historically iPhones.

The old adage still holds true after all these years when it comes to craigslist, if it appears too good to be true it probably is.

Craigslist rapist impersonated NYPD


Queens sex fiend Suraj Persaud told women he was cop before raping them:

You have to love the New York headlines. They tell it like it is.

Anyway 34-year-old Suraj Persaud of Queens, New York has been charged twice with raping two women from craigslist that he hired for massages. Persaud allegedly would produce a pair of handguns, a bulletproof vest and a PBA card claiming to be a cop and would threaten to have his victims arrested before raping them.

The District Attorney’s Office is asking that others who believe they might also be victims to contact the Special Victims Bureau at 718-286-6111.

These instances took place prior to craigslist shutting down adult services but it still gives a good indication of what kind of sub-human is still on craigslist looking for his next victim.

Queens woman forced others into craigslist sexual slavery

Jin Hua Cui

Jin Hua Cui

DA: Flushing Woman Ran Prostitution Ring from Long Island Spas:

Queens madam forced young Korean women into lives of sex slavery in L.I. massage parlors:

44-year-old Jin Hua Cui of Flushing, Queens, New York has been charged with forcing women into sexual slavery. Cui allegedly advertised nail salon jobs to the Korean community of Flushing. Instead of that the women she recruited were forced into working in Cui’s Long Island massage parlors. She threatened the women with either revealing to their families what they were forced to do or by saying that they would be killed by Chinese gangs.

And where did Cui advertise her massage parlors? Why craigslist of course. And I’m guessing it was in the adult services section where only ‘legitimate’ adult businesses are supposed to be.

Even if the drive from Flushing to Long Island was only 30 minutes that’s still human trafficking if you’re using coercion to force someone into sexual slavery. That’s the human trafficking that craigslist says they find abhorrent. If they did they would remove the adult services section.

Queens man convicted of MySpace gang rape

Queens creep convicted of organizing teen gang rape:

I don’t know how I missed this one when it happened however 18-year-old Harpreet Singh of Maspeth, New York has been convicted for setting up a gang rape of a 16-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

In 2008 Singh conned the girl into sending him nude pics of herself. He then threatened to post the pics if she did not have sex with him. This allowed Singh to not only rape the girl but allowing four of his friends to rape the girl as well.

Afterward the girl tried to kill herself but was fortunately saved by her mother.

Singh is looking at 25 years behind bars. You would think that the rape of a girl, organizing a gang rape, causing a girl to try to commit suicide and the child porn possession would result in more than a 25 year sentence yet here we are.

Breeder beats son to death for preferring his mother

Queens dad beat 7-month-old tot to death because boy preferred his mother, prosecutors charge:

When I first received this tip I thought it was another story where a scumbag beat his child to death for crying but it turns out to be more than that.

20-year-old Larry Greene, of Queens, New York has been arrested in the beating death of his 7-month-old son,
Xiah Greene.

His son was crying while Greene was baby sitting for the mother. Greene allegedly said ‘Toughen Up’ before striking his son in either the chest or back depending on the source.

Greene claimed that his son fell while feeding which doesn’t explain the knuckle shaped bruises.

Police say that Greene confessed on videotaped to beating his own son because Xiah preferred his mother to Greene. I wonder why that is. (sarcasm)

At 7-months-old babies do not need to ‘toughen up’. Again that is why they are babies.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Queens pimp sentenced for buying woman

32-year-old David Brown of Queens was sentenced to 25 years behind bars. Brown was convicted of ‘buying’ a 19-year-old girl from a woman for $2000 and turned her out on craigslist.

He was convicted of human trafficking and kidnapping.

Brown blames his ex who he ‘bought’ the girl from saying that she was spiteful.

Like I’ve said before if craigslist was as socially responsible as they claim they to be they would help out the victim in someway like getting her counselling.

Again, I’d love to know how Jim Buckmaster sleeps at night.