Is a lighter more effective than vaping?


I found this article from financial site Motley Fool that’s headlined “Is This the Next Looming Threat to E-Cigs?”. It talks about this device that’s a combination of a timer and lighter called Quitbit. Sounds great in theory however in my opinion it’s doomed to fail.


Back in the early 2000s I ordered this device called the Lifesign. It was a pocket device that would let you smoke normally for 2 weeks then it was designed to gradually wean you off of the smoking habit. The problem is it never worked and you could only try it 3 times before having to send it back to the manufacturer or shell out another $100 to purchase a new one. Much like patches and gum it doesn’t figure in that every person is different when it comes to how quick they can be taken off of nicotine.

The Quitbit reminds me too much of the Lifesign. Not only do I think it’s not a threat to vaping I don’t even think it’s a threat to smoking.

Study shows e-cigs better than patches and gum


A recent study done by the University College London shows what many vapers and e-cig users already knew, that e-cigs are more effective at helping people quit smoking than the nicotine patch or nicotine gum and cold turkey.

Researchers surveyed nearly 6000 adults in the U.K. who tried to quit smoking at least once in the past year. Those who said they only used e-cigarettes to try to quit had a higher rate of self-reported abstinence (20%) than people who used OTC nicotine replacement therapies (10%) or no smoking cessation aids (15%). The differences remained after adjusting for the level of nicotine dependence.


I think the reason is obvious. The patch and gum have very rigid requirements. You have to decrease in a certain amount of time and stop using in this amount of time. What if you’re not ready to step down yet? Every person is a different case. Other can handle the steep decreases better than others, for the rest of us there is vaping where we can decrease the amount of nicotine we intake when it best suits us.

Let’s also not forget one important fact, one the FDA should realize as well. While e-cigs and vaporizers have been great in helping a lot of people quit smoking they are not marketed as smoking cessation devices. They are marketed as cigarette replacements.

Trench’s adventures in vaping

My new vaporizer

My new vaporizer

As some of you know after 30 years of smoking I was able to finally quit this year by using disposable e-cigs. While some of the ones I used like Blu and Logic were satisfactory for the most part there’s always a gamble you take with the disposables. Depending on where you get them from either the battery could be already dead, the flavor could be non-existent or they could just not have your brand, possibly forcing you to choose an inferior product. After too many misses and not enough hits I decided to give in and buy a full-fledged vaporizer.

Now before we get starting I just want to say even though the products are called vaporizers I hate the word vaping. It sounds douchey and rhymes with raping. Unfortunately there’s no other word to describe the action of using a vaporizer so I will use it begrudgingly.

So I did a Google search for the nearest vaporizer outlet near me and I was led to MadVapes near the Concord Mills Mall. It’s about the average size of smoke shop and I was surprised how many people were in the store. I guess a lot of people have taken to vaporizers to help them quit smoking. Anyway I waited a little bit but nothing ridiculous. The woman who helped me was helpful and patient as I prattled on like the newb that I was. She asked me my price range and she showed me the SmokTech eGo ViVi Nova Starter Kit. I ended up purchasing this particular product and they threw in the liquid for free. First one is always free right? I did get to try it out before purchasing which is something you can’t do in a gas station. I said I wanted to try a vanilla flavored juice. She asked what my usual nicotine level was and I said between 14mg and 20mg. She let me try the 16mg French vanilla and that’s what I settled on. I guess I’m an underage kid who’s never smoked before since I bought juice with a *gasp* flavor, but I digress.

So far I’m happy with the product. It’s much better than a disposable and the prices work out that with my usage of it it’s even cheaper than using disposables. Granted it’s only my first day with my vaporizer but so far I can’t say enough great things about MadVapes. If you live in the Charlotte area and are looking to quit smoking or you’re already using a vaporizer check them out.

(In the interest of transparency this is an unsolicited review however if someone wanted to send some free swag my way I wouldn’t turn it away.)

CDC claims e-cigs marketed towards kids

CDC: Makers of e-cigarettes, little cigars target kids:


Since e-cigarettes, or vaporizers as they’re properly known, have helped me quit smoking after 30 years I’ve become somewhat of a vocal proponent of them. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see I’ll post the occasional article about e-cigs. If it’s a good article I’ll sing its praises. If it’s a bad article I’ll try to explain away the FUD. If it’s really bad I’ll post about it here. This one is really bad.

It seems that the Center for Disease Control has weighed in with their opinion of e-cigs and have stated that they believe they are marketed towards children. I didn’t know the CDC meddled in the affairs of marketing. I thought that fell to the FDA or the FCC yet here we are. Thanks Obama. (little joke there) As usual the argument is based on the fact that e-cigs come in flavors. Apparently only children are allowed to enjoy flavors. Now I use the disposable e-cigs which usually only come in tobacco or menthol flavors while the rechargeables and higher end vaporizers come in a variety of flavors. This was one of the same arguments that got Camel to stop producing flavored cigarettes back in the 00s. I guess adults are only allowed to have flavors like Ben-Gay and liver. I would love it if there were a vanilla flavored disposable e-cig sold in my favorite retail locations. Not to mention it’s not like these are being advertised during Spongebob or anything like that. If kids start using e-cigs it will be for the same reason that I started smoking and that most kids started smoking, peer pressure. That was it. My best friend in high school smoked and I wanted him to like me so I smoked. That’s all there was to it. I didn’t have to be marketed to at all.

As far as the little cigars in the article go everyone knows what they’re really used for. The reason so many kids are smoking them is because they use them for blunts. It’s got little to do with the flavor.

This really shows how clueless government agencies can be some times.

How Trench quit smoking with e-cigs


I’ve been smoking since I was 15. That’s almost 30 years ago. I was officially diagnosed as being asthmatic 10 years ago. The combination of the two have caused me health problems in the past but nothing I couldn’t remedy on my own until a couple of months ago.

About 2 months ago I had two massive asthma attacks within a week of each other. One cost me a $400 trip to the ER while the other cost me a job interview. Mrs. Trench mentioned to me that the smoking probably wasn’t helping. I knew I had to quit but how? I had tried patches before but they weren’t that successful. I always went back to smoking. So one Saturday while I was out I picked up a $10 disposable electronic cigarette. That was two months ago and I haven’t even picked up an actual cigarette since.

I’ve tried both the rechargeable and refillable kind but I prefer the disposable. They seem to make it feel physically more like smoking than the rechargeables. I don’t go for the fancy ones where you mix your own juice because I don’t have the time and patience for that. It reminds me of when I used to make my own cigarettes. It saved money in the long run but was such a pain in the ass.

Here’s what I think is the amazing part. In those 30 years I was a pack a day smoker. The e-cigs that I buy are supposed to be the equivalent of 1 1/2-2 packs of cigarettes. The longest I’ve had one last is 3 weeks instead of two days. How I do it is I treat one puff as one cigarette. Don’t use the e-cig, or vaporizer as it’s properly called, as a regular cigarette. Think of it more like a nicotine inhaler. When you would normally smoke or when you feel the urge take one drag then put it down. During this time I was able to go without even the e-cig for a week but the withdraw headaches became too much but I am working on cutting down on the nicotine gradually instead.

Now again even if I wanted to go back to regular cigarettes I can’t because of my asthma so your mileage may vary.

Why I can’t quit

Why Smokers Can’t Quit Easily:

Every smoker knows it’s tough to kick the habit. In fact, just seeing a photo of someone smoking is enough for would-be quitters to ditch their best intentions and light up “just one more,” research now shows.

And it doesn’t help when quit smoking commercials are on the TV and radio every 5 minutes. Those make me want to smoke more than anything.