Wisc. woman arrested when 2-year-old found wandering

Mother charged after 2-year-old found wandering outside:

Pregnant 20-year-old Alicia G. Villa of Racine, Wisconsin has been arrested on child neglect charges when her 2-year-old son was found outside wandering by himself. When police investigated they found that Villa had left her three kids, ages 4, 2, and 1, alone in the house while she went out with a neighbor. The neighbor’s husband even offered to babysit. Villa allegedly said that the 4-year-old knows to not let the other kids out. That’s the same 4-year-old that clung to a policeman’s leg crying for his mother.

And of course when police entered the apartment it was pretty much what you’d expect from these kind of stories. No food, garbage everywhere and feces on the living room floor.

The Racine County Human Services Department had previous complaints about Villa but they did not have her current address.

Villa’s mother took custody of the kids and said that Villa was having a hard time because the fathers of her children are both in prison.

Some people just can’t make the right choice if their life depended on it.

Thanks to LaDonna for the tip.