NJ mom stops KY racist from committing school shootings

NJ mom stops KY racist from committing school shootings

Dylan Jarrell

A white woman from New Jersey was harassed on Facebook by some cretin from Kentucky for having three biracial children. The threats the racist assclown made were so harrowing she contacted not only her local police but authorities in Kentucky as well. Before we get to the heart of the story let’s see what this less than enlightened individual had to say to the poor woman.

“There’s no such thing as white privileged . . . I hope your black children gets hung for you being so stupid. They have all the same rights we have now a days so please you and your monkey children go die.”

Truly, the greatest mind of a generation.

Joking aside, with what this hate-filled troglodyte is accused of it’s only by providence that a mass tragedy was avoided.

When Kentucky State police approached 21-year-old Dylan Jarrel he was leaving his home and was allegedly armed with a gun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a kevlar vest, and the plans to shoot up not just one but two separate school districts.

So far, no motive has been divulged but you probably wouldn’t be too far off if you said it was probably racially or politically motivated. Since the last Presidential campaign, it seems that the racists of our country have cast off their hoods and have become emboldened in their hate and violence. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

ABC News
Press of Atlantic City

Facebook vigilantes humiliate man waiting for his child at school

Facebook vigilantes humiliate man waiting for his child at school

In case you needed another reason why you shouldn’t share everything you see on Facebook, a Kansas City man was humiliated on Facebook after doing nothing more than walking.

A black man was waiting to pick up his child in school in order to walk the child home. While waiting, he decided to walk around the neighborhood when a local woman pulled up in her car, took a picture of the man and said “I got you.” She then allegedly posted the man’s picture on a neighborhood Facebook page with the warning that her neighbors should watch out for this man. The picture made it back to the man’s friends and family which he says has left him humiliated.

This man says he just wants to put it behind him, but if I was him I would be pursuing legal actions to make an example out of this woman for being such a racist, and for spreading such bullshit on the already polluted pages of Facebook.

In the past, I’ve posted about how such posts have ruined the lives of people, and even caused one man to take his own life. If you know someone who shares unfounded trash like this on Facebook, consider sharing this or any of the other stories with them. It may be blunt, but they probably deserve it.

Trench’s e-mail to the JuRY Show

Trench's e-mail to the JuRY Show

Justin Robert Young

Ok, this is me just fanboying a little bit.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a big fan of the Justin Robert Young podcast, aka the JuRY Show. Last week’s episode of the show was called Hard R. In it he discussed casual racism that takes place in the Northeast. This caused me to e-mail into the show to share my experience on the matter. Below is a short video where Justin reads my e-mail on his show.

In my e-mail, the woman I dated was South American, not South African but the point remains the same.

The entire episode can be viewed here.

You can also visit Justin’s Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/JuRY

I’m not patting myself on the back or anything, just saving something to the digital scrapbook.

Trench on the Trayvon Martin shooting

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Once again the internet is in total outrage over something and that would of course be the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. This time though there are two schools of outrage. One side says that George Zimmerman is a racist who was looking to a kill a black kid while the other says that Trayvon Martin was a thug and that Zimmerman was well within his right to defend himself. However even with two avenues of outrage both sides are wrong.

On the one side George Zimmerman was clearly in the wrong. He contacted police about a suspicious character in his community and the police instructed Zimmerman not to follow him and that they would be there soon. Zimmerman willingly chose to ignore that recommendation by police and took matters into his own hands. On most levels that makes Zimmerman a vigilante. While there had been a spate of burglaries in the community it wasn’t Zimmerman’s job to apprehend anybody. In the worst case scenario if Zimmerman stayed put some property may have been damaged or stolen. Now you can give me Martin’s alleged criminal behavior at school all you want but that’s immaterial. Zimmerman had no idea who Martin was or his supposed history.

On the other hand this had nothing to do with race. Last year I spent the better part of the year in my late mother’s development. I’ve seen how people in these communities act. No matter how affluent or not outsiders are always viewed as intruders no matter what color they are. Add the rash of robberies that I mentioned before and you could see why Zimmerman called the cops. Adding race into the mix doesn’t help anyone. For each false claim of racism a true hate crime may be doubted because of it.

Here’s how I think it went down. Zimmerman sees the 6’2″ Martin and calls police. Police tell Zimmerman to stay put, instead he pursues Martin in his SUV. Zimmerman gets out and Martin asks him why he’s following him. Words are exchanged and a scuffle ensues. Martin gets the best of the less than athletic Zimmerman. Zimmerman pulls his gun and shoots Martin. Now from what I understand about Florida’s self-defense law according to the law Zimmerman was within his right to protect himself. Agree or disagree with it, that’s the law. You can’t go back in time to change it. Morally though Zimmerman was definitely overstepping his role as neighborhood watch by pursuing Martin.

What will probably happen is the same thing that happened to Bernie Goetz. While Goetz was only charged with illegal possession of a firearm he lost a $43M civil suit to one of the men he shot. Zimmerman will rightly lose a wrongful death suit when it’s brought against him.

No se aceptan anuncios Españoles en craigslist


Craigslist hate mail after Spanish listings:

Not really a crime but close enough so I’m going to count it.

Anyway in Midwest City, Oklahoma a garage owner posted a job for a mechanic on craigslist. He posted it in both English and Spanish. That’s not some political agenda, that’s just good business sense. This is where craigslist’s ‘community policing’ comes into play. The ads in Spanish were flagged and removed from the site. When the garage owner tried reposting the Spanish ads he then got hate mail.

“Go home, bean. Go back to Mexico. We speak English here in America so we don’t want you here,”

Not only does this show the uselessness of website community policing it also shows the kind of troglodytes that frequent craigslist so much they lose sleep over ads in Spanish.

Sorry if my Spanish sucks. I got it off of Google Translate.

No colors allowed


That sign appears outside a bar in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.

I’ve seen this kind of sign on countless bars in my time. The first time I saw one I automatically thought that it was referring to gang colors. In this instance it’s referring to biker colors. I thought that this was pretty much common knowledge.

However some woman from the area got butthurt because she thought it was a racist sign.

I thought that the real meaning of the sign was common knowledge but I guess some people don’t possess that knowledge. The guy who owns the bar was even approached by the NAACP and when he explained to them what the sign meant they understood and left.

Not everything is about racism and if you look everywhere for racism you’re going to find it whether it’s intended or not.

In other words, lighten up Francis.

PBB 2008 Year (not quite) in review

My awesome boss at b5media has suggested that I should do a year in review type of post. Unfortunately I’ve only been running this blog since November so it would be a pretty short year.

Now I know some of you are looking forward to voting for bad parent of the year but like I said since I’ve only been doing this blog since November I’m not up to speed on all the bad parenting stories of the year. However I think we would all agree and that a vote would be no contest that bad parent of the year would have to be Casey Anthony with her crazy mom Cindy as a runner up.

But I’m not here to talk about Casey Anthony as I have sworn not to become part of the media and blogging circus that This case has become. I’m here to talk about what I think was the story of 2008 and that would be the disappearance of Giovanni Gonzalez.

This case is eerily similar to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Back in August 8-year-old Giovanni of Lynn, Mass. was to have spent the weekend with his father, Ernesto Gonzalez. When it came time for his father to drop him off at his home he didn’t show up. So Giovanni’s mother went to Ernesto Gonzalez’s home and he said that he didn’t know where Giovanni is. So now Ernesto Gonzalez sits in a jail cell refusing to cooperate with police. At one point Ernesto Gonzalez told the Boston Globe that he did kill Giovanni and dismembered his body but police have said that confession was bogus. As of yet Giovanni has not been found.

Another reason why I’ve picked this as my story of the year and my main cause for this site is the lack of coverage that this story has received outside of the Boston area. Fellow crime blogs Dreamin’ Demon and Shadow Scope, among others, have also blogged about Giovanni Gonzalez with little to no attention paid to the story. So why have there been no Nancy Graces or Greta Van Susterns rushing to Boston to cover this story? I mean when this story started there were two children missing with two parents in jail refusing to cooperate. Is it because Giovanni is a boy? Is it because Ernesto Gonzalez is male? Or is it the obvious, the fact that Giovanni Gonzalez is Hispanic?

I think that subconsciously people are basing this on race. For example over at my other b5media blog MyCrimeSpace I posted a short entry about Casey Anthony’s Facebook and I received more comments than I have for all of my posts about Giovanni Gonzalez combined. When was the last time the major news networks focused on the disappearance of a minority child? Yet the Jon Benet Ramsey story still makes major headlines and Casey Anthony makes daily headlines. What else could it possibly be if it’s not race? As a country we had no problem electing a minority President yet we could still give a rat’s ass about a missing Hispanic boy. It makes no sense.

Here’s to a 2009 where I hope as a country and a society we start caring about all missing children.

Commentary: Don't sanitize Helms' racist past


So CNN correspondent Roland S. Martin has a problem with Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond because they were segregationists. I’m not big fans of them either but let’s not forget the fact that Thurmond renounced his segregationist ways later in life and had an obvious touch of jungle fever.

But let me pose a question to progressives out there. Why do Helms and Thurmond get labeled as racists but Sen. Robert Byrd of WV gets a pass when he was in the Ku Klux Klan. You don’t join the Klan because you look good in white. Is it because he has a D next to his name? Byrd was a segregationist too yet I haven’t seen any black reporters labeling him as a racist.

Do whites need training before parenting black children?


NEW YORK (AP) — Several leading child welfare groups Tuesday urged an overhaul of federal laws dealing with transracial adoption, arguing that black children in foster care are ill-served by a “colorblind” approach meant to encourage their adoption by white families.

Yet another proposed roadblock to make adoption more difficult in this country. It’s legislation like this that makes US citizens adopt from other countries rather than kids from this one.

A 15-year-old kid gets it absolutely right…

His youngest son, Eric Jones, 15, said the family’s makeup sometimes complicates his life, but he’s convinced that transracial adoption can succeed.

“White or black doesn’t matter,” he said. “What counts is whether the parents are ready to take responsibility.”

Let parents be parents.