Castillo gets LWOP

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Castillo Found Guilty:

Alvaro Castillo was not only convicted in killing his father and opening fire on Orange High School but he was also sentenced to life without parole. He also received two consecutive sentences of 25 to 39 months each for firing on the school.

If he thought the National Guard was so bad he’s going to love prison.

Closing arguments in Castillo trial

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Jury begins deliberations in Castillo trial:

Closing arguments took place today in the Alvaro Castillo trial. Nothing earth shattering there. The prosecution says he’s a cold-blooded killer. The defense says he’s insane. Blah blah blah.

However what I want to touch on is what happens if the jury finds Castillo not guilty by insanity…

Castillo would immediately be committed to a state mental health hospital. In 50 days, he would get a hearing. Another would follow three months after that and then annually. The fact that he had committed a homicide would be noted in his records. To get out, Castillo would have to prove he no longer was mentally ill and not a threat to himself or others.

Considering how many mental health care workers he’s already faked out what’s a couple of more?

Hopefully the jury will see him for the manipulative killer that he is.

Alvaro Castillo thread 8/18/09

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Accused shooter’s journal: ‘Planning your suicide is so fun’:

Some more testimony about Castillo wanting to go gay for his dead cowardly hero Eric Harris…

“(He wrote), ‘ Eric is just so good-looking. I can’t believe he couldn’t get a date for the prom. If I was a girl, I would have gone to the prom with him. Does that sound gay, straight or bi?'” Wolf said, citing Castillo’s journal entry.

Now I don’t care if someone is gay, straight or whatever but this goes to show how deep his mutancy was that he was sexually attracted to a mass murderer. As a matter of fact I just invented a new word for people like Castillo. He’s a mutantsexual.


I’ll update this tread throughout the day if more information becomes available.

Alvaro Castillo thread 8/13/09

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Psychologist: Castillo suffered from delusions:

A bunch of shrinks for the prosecution testified that Castillo is batshit crazy blah blah blah. However this article is the first mention I’ve seen about domestic violence allegedly committed by the victim, Rafael Castillo. The article states that Rafael Castillo struck his wife for disobeying him. Even though hitting a woman once is one too many times Rafael Castillo is not around to be able to give his side of the story. Not to mention I wouldn’t put it past mom and sis to say anything to get fat boy out of prison.

In my opinion this really has nothing to do with what kind of father Rafael Castillo was but more to do with Alvaro Castillo’s mutant fascination with Columbine and other school shooters.


Psychologist: Alleged school shooter didn’t know ‘right from wrong’:

Dr. James Hilkey testified that Castillo didn’t know right from wrong yet under cross-examination he admitted that Castillo withheld such information like he visited Columbine and slept with a gun. That sounds like he knew right from wrong to me.


Alvaro Castiilo thread 8/12/09

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Footage hints at Castillo’s confusion:

Lat week I mentioned that Castillo allegedly had an imaginary twin brother named Red and I joked that if it was Red Forman he would have put his foot in his ass. Well it seems that I wasn’t far off as Castillo is claiming that Red raped him.

It seems that Castillo was also a fan of our favorite video game Super Columbine Massacre: RPG. He claims he used it to train which is ludicrous considering the way the game is played but it shows you what type of people play this game.


Castillo: ‘I deserved to die’:

This article brings us more details on Castillo’s alleged pedophile predilections. In one of his videos he claims that he was taught about sex by a boy at the age of 5 and was exposed to pornography soon after. Because of that he claims he became aroused by a three-year old boy at the age of 15 and even kissed the boy.

Ick. Not the first report of a pedophile mutant we’ve had though.


Clinic knew of Castillo’s danger:

A social worker testified on Monday that Castillo believed that there were microphones in his house and that a pictured in the house was watching him. The social worker tried to get Castillo into a psychiatric care clinic where he had been seen before. However the clinic turned him away because they thought he was faking it to get out of National Guard duty. That’s also what I believe he’s been doing this whole time.


You know, I keep reading in articles that Castillo’s mother and sister said that Rafael Castillo was a violent man but the only testimony I’ve seen mentioned that he was hard on his kids and wanted them to succeed, he made them have no friends, and when he wanted to punish them he made them either take a cold shower or eat natural food. While that’s a little harsh I wouldn’t exactly call that domestic violence.


Alvaro Castillo thread for 8/7/09

As usual I’ve gotten behind on my blogging so I’ll be posting various tidbits about the Alvaro Castillo trial just in this post today so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Insights into a shooter’s mind:

This article is from Wednesday. In it Deputy Jonathan Daniel testified that he asked Castillo if he thought God told him to kill. Castillo allegedly said no but that his imaginary twin brother Red told him to. We know it’s not this Red…


…his imaginary brother would have put his foot in his ass.

Also the article states something I did not now about the attire that Castillo wore to Orange High that day…

Woodall submitted into evidence a white headband Castillo had worn to the high school. Handwritten on one side were the words “Shoot me” and on the other side “Columbine.” He also wore a T-shirt screen-printed with the words “Colorado, Established 1876.” Written in marker on the front were the words “Natural Selection” and on the back “Remember Columbine, April 20, 1999, Littleton, Colo., I’m sorry for the pain” with dozens of hand-drawn crosses.

Again,, could fat boy be any more of a mutant? And as far as his imaginary twin brother goes, the imaginary people defense has never worked i these cases.


Journal: Accused shooter was obsessed with Columbine shootings:

In one of my previous posts about Castillo I wondered aloud why he wasn’t more of a mutant for Kip Kinkel since Kinkel killed his parents before shooting up his school. It seems there was a little Kinkel mutancy from Castillo. He originally planned the shooting for august 29th but changed it because of a wedding. He then allegedly thought the 30th would be good because it was the anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans and it was Kip Kinkel’s birthday. When you worship losers you become one.


Prosecutors to detail second crime scene at murder trial:

More evidence of Castillo’s mutancy…

Castillo had adorned the butt of his guns with photographs and name tags. On each gun he taped two photographs of Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters. One photo is of Harris holding a gun, the other is a headshot of Harris.

I’m surprised he didn’t have a tattoo of Harris on his penis.


Now on to Thursday’s articles…

Video: Murder suspect said he ‘had’ to do massacre:

Here’s a quote from one of Castillo’s nonsensical videos…

Throughout the recordings, he mentioned his time in the National Guard, referring to himself as a “coward” because he couldn’t take the drill sergeants yelling at him.

No, that just makes you a pansy. You’re a coward because you shot an unarmed man and fired into a school.


Castillo’s tapes shown in court:

It seems Castillo had more problems than just switching teams for Eric Harris. It seems he also played for that team that nobody likes and I don’t mean the Yankees.

He called himself a potential pedophile and rapist and admitted a foot fetish. Yet he boasted of his own “eternal virginity” and criticized his male friends who viewed pornography, disrespected women and wanted only to “get laid.”

Castillo said he had not been able to cope with evil in the world or in himself since experimenting with sex and seeing pornography as a child. He became sexually aroused by a 3-year-old boy when he was 15, he said in the videos, and had believed he deserved to die. He thought his only options were suicide or shock therapy.

I think that pretty much speaks for itself.


Castillo trial day 2

Castillo kept citing Columbine, witnesses say:

Today was the 2nd day in the Alvaro Castillo trial. The prosecution called some of its witnesses.

The school resource officer from Orange High testified that Castillo was laughing as he surrendered saying ‘Remember Columbine’ and claiming that he sacrificed his father.

“He’s not going to sacrifice anyone else. I sacrificed him.”

“What are you talking about?” Ivey asked.

“He won’t hurt anyone else again,” Castillo repeated, according to testimony. “I sacrificed him.”

“Who are you talking about?” Ivey asked.

“My father,” Castillo answered.

You’d think he’s be a bigger mutant for Kip Kinkel than Eric Harris since Kinkel killed his parents before shooting up his school.

Castillo trial starts

Alvaro Castillo

Alvaro Castillo

Castillo murder case underway:

Trial begins for NC man accused in father’s death:

Castillo wanted sacrifice, defense attorney says:

Prison looks like it’s been treating Castillo well doesn’t it? You may want to lay off the baloney sammiches for a while fat boy.

Anyway, today was the start of the trial for Alvaro Rafael Castillo. As you may recall Castillo shot and killed his father, Rafael Huezo Castillo, before going to Orange High School in Hillsborough, NC and opening fire. Castillo was a graduate of Orange High.

His defense attorney used the age-old defense of how bad his childhood was but also used a mutant defense which I’ve never seen before. His defense attorney basically claimed that since Castillo had such a fascination with Columbine that he must be insane. Castillo even sent an e-mail to Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis the day prior to the shootings in NC. One thing I learned by these article was that his mom even took him on a trip to Littleton, Colorado, the mutant mecca. I’m sure the people of Littleton would be disturbed to find out how many mutants like to go there to have some kind of almost religious-like connection to their cowardly scumbag heroes.

Not surprisingly the DA also used Castillo’s mutant tendencies to show how dangerous he is. The prosecution said that Castillo had a mutant scrapbook where he listed every gun he bought and even had the receipts in it. Also it was claimed by the DA that Castillo even questioned his own sexuality because of the deep feelings he had for cowardly scumbag Eric Harris. So basically the DA is saying that he was in the process of switching teams over a dead mass murderer. I have no problem with someone switching team as long as it’s not for a dead coward.

More on this as details become available.

Castillo pleads insanity

Alvaro Rafael Castillo

Alvaro Rafael Castillo

Castillo pleads insanity in father’s killing:

The attorney for parricidal maniac and school shooter Alvaro Rafael Castillo entered a not guilty by reason of insanity plea on behalf of his client.

A brief recap, Castillo shot and killed his father, Rafael Huezo Castillo, while he slept, videotaped his father’s dead body, then went and shot up Orange High School in North Carolina. Luckily only two students were injured and those injuries were minor. Castillo is also a mutant. He even e-mailed Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis before he went on his rampage.

The judge found Castillo competent to assist his own defense and his trial has been scheduled for late July.