remember the pics boo that’s all i gotta say

Man charged with kidnapping, rape of woman he met on Facebook:

22-year-old Ronald Stacey Rhodes of Raleigh, NC is accused of raping and blackmailing an 18-year-old female that he met through Facebook.

The pair had a week-long romance but at the end of the week Rhodes allegedly threatened the woman into having sex with him by saying that he was a Mason and could have her erased. Rhodes then allegedly raped her and took explicit pictures of her.

When the woman tried to get Rhodes to delete the pictures he said he would if she had sex with him again. Of course the pics were never deleted and he allegedly asked the woman for $160 that would be to “just maintain.”

Rhodes is on the sex offender registry for having sex with a 12-year-old when he was 16.

I was just talking with my wife tonight about how jaded that I’ve  become, no pun intended, when I heard a story on TV about a woman who was killed after accepting a ride from a stranger. While it was tragic that she was killed I felt the victim bared some of the responsibility on her own death for making an unwise choice.

If the story about Rhodes is true I feel the same about the victim in this story. To put it bluntly the first time you’re a victim and the second time you’re a volunteer.  Ladies, I can’t stress how important it is that if you’re ever sexually assaulted or raped please notify police immediately.