10/9/05 From The Mail Sack

Just one to speak of this time and it’s from my entry on the Columbine Rampart Range Tapes

Fan Says:

You know, i wish there is a hell, just so i can shake their hands and thank them for what they did. People are so fucked up, that they think they can mess with someone for years, and then flip out when they kill some1. That racist POS that posted is the reason things like this happen. I just wish i could have the balls to do what they did, they are my fucking hero. So if you dont like them, then dont wast your time talking bad about them

Saturday Oct 8, 2005 @ 11:37 pm

Of course, he or she is talking about Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as his or her heroes.

Just think, that’s someone’s son or daughter. I wonder what those parents think their kid is up to.

5/26/05: From The Mail Sack

Let’s get caught up with my fan mail, shall we?

The first one is from my entry on the now-defunct Panzerfaust Records trying to recruit school kids…

Deutschlund Oberalist Says:

:mrgreen:Let us not forget that more silently the Muslims are penetrating our society.

Monday May 16, 2005 @ 2:08 pm

I love first timers. First of all, the name you used to leave your comment is spelled incorrectly. Secondly, not all Muslims are terrorists you racist prick. And lastly, your IP address traced back to the City of Houston. I hope you’re an employee there because I sent them a nice e-mail regarding your internet practices. Have a nice 3-day weekend. I hope it’s longer than that for you.

This next one is from the 2/24/05 Mail Sack

arf Says:

yea eric and dylan are heroes to me so what!!!!!! they killed 13 people who cares if they were

unarmed. i am sick and tired of undeserving people walking on this fuckin shithole of a planet.

Columbine was a point in time to be rememberd as when two people took a stand for what they belive was there goal in life to take down as many worthless fucks as they culd!

i wish i was there to have seen it. and if the so called “cowards” are burning in hell i will be very happy to se them when i get there!!!!!!!

Saturday May 21, 2005 @ 7:25 am

If you were there to have seen it you’d probably have been killed. You think they would have cared about you? I doubt it. I hope you get to meet them too.

Same mutant, different entry.

arf Says:

yes i want to shake there hands i want to pat them on the back and tell them what a great job they did.

in response to earlier posts yes i am “psyco” and fucking proud to be! worthless motherfuckers will fall when the day is over!

every1 is going to die you,me EVERYBODY!!!!!! so get over it. you talk about “god” you have no idea… there is no “god” all there is is mankind and it has no right to be here on this fucking planet. so enjoy the rest of your time on this earth because when its over your your gonna burn in hell just like i am and maybe then i will get to meet eric and dylan who really are “GODS”

Saturday May 21, 2005 @ 7:41 am

I’m just shaking my head at this one. Remember people, this could be your kid.

And it just wouldn’t be a Mail Sack without one from the Eric Harris journal

christina Says:


if you think so strongly about that then why dont you fucking back up your theory of them being cowards? it takes balls to do something like that (not that you would know what it’s like to have balls or guts of any type). Even if you dont like what they did they are still revolutionaries, infamous ones, but revolutionaries none the less.

Sunday May 22, 2005 @ 3:26 pm

It’s not a theory, it’s a fact that they were cowards. Shooting random and unarmed people then killing yourself to avoid any consequences is cowardly. There’s no debate about it. Revolutionaries? What are they revolting against? The spoiled white suburban lifestyle? Please. Cowardly, delusional, psychopaths. Nothing more.

4/15/05: From The Mail Sack

Since I don’t have anything to write about so far today let’s take a dip into the mail sack shall we?

This one is from my entry on the Eric Harris worship site

TrEv46 Says:

I tHiNk ErIc HaRrIs aNd DyLaN KlEBoLd Are F***ing GoDs.:twisted:WhOeVeR ThiNkS ThErE CrAZy ArE F***ing ReTaRdEd.ThEy PlAnNeD iT So PeRfEcTLy.:!:ThEy hAd A PoInT, NoOnE DeSeRvEd WhAt ThEy GoT aT ScHoOl. KiCk-StArT ThE ReVoLuTiOn.:twisted::twisted::twisted:

Tuesday Apr 12, 2005 @ 4:30 pm

It’s amazing that people still actually type like that. “TrEv46” is a “1337 hax0r” isn’t he? I advised him to learn to type like a human as it will help get along better in life. They had a point? What point did they have? That they were psychopathic and mentally deficient in their reasoning? Yeah, we got that point. The only gods Harris and Klebold are the gods of cowards and scumbags. What revolution will you be kickstarting? The one on typing skills or social skills? You’re in for a rude awakening Junior once you enter the real world.

This next one is from my entry on (what else?) the Eric Harris Journal which is a response to this comment.

Christina Says:

to FUX:

you must be a fucking idiot. they were not cowards in any way. a coward is someone who shows fear when they are faced with difficult or painful situations. for one thing they took that difficult situation of being bullied every minute in school, and did something about it. for another thing, they had the fucking guts to actually kill themselves.

suicide is not something that is an “easy way out”. how fucking easy is it to kill yourself? have you tried it? no? maybe your the coward to never go or do anything that might cause you pain.

eric harris and dylan kelbold were now cowards, they were revolutionaries trying to stand up for themselves. i’m not saying i know what they really were, or why they did it. anyone who thinks they know why they did it is just assuming, steriotyping, and being ignorant. what i think they were doing is they were trying to make a stand against everything in their school. i think that since they were shown no compassion by anyone, that they were retaliating, and that they had every right to do so.

Thursday Apr 14, 2005 @ 6:05 pm

What’s scary is that the person who left this comment is a college student. From UMass-Boston to be specific. They must be so proud to see what their fine institution produces.

I love the statement that Harris and Klebold were “bullied every minute”. Were you there? I doubt that you were. In reality, it was Harris that was the bully and Klebold his lackey. But keep buying into the myth like the rest of the mutant herd. Harris and Klebold are cowards because they killed unarmed people who had nothing to do with them. Then in the ultimate act of cowardice rather than face the consequences for their actions they took the easy way out by killing themselves. At least they saved the taxpayers money. They were not revolutionaries. What were they revolting against? The suburban white rich kid spoiled life? They were shown no compassion because they showed no compassion. And you dare say they had the right to take 13 innocent lives and injure dozens of others? How dare you. Your comment is an insult to the families of the real victims of Columbine. You have no right to talk about compassion. Get help. You need it.

And lastly from my entry on the Rampart Range Tape

Katie Jo Says:


Friday Apr 15, 2005 @ 12:50 pm

Behold the intelligence of the mutant throngs. The funny thing is that her IP address traces back to the Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Systems. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate their internet resources being used to give virtual blow jobs to those two scumbag cowards. It would be a shame if someone dropped an e-mail to the administrator at the Dept. of Information Systems. And considering the poster left a link to their personal blog it shouldn’t be too hard to identify them. By the way, by the time you read this, the e-mail will have already been sent. Have a nice day.

2/24/05: From The Mail Sack

I got this comment from my entry on the Rampart Range tapes being released…

eric and dylan are true heros to me i respect that they had the guts to pull this thing off and im sick of people bitching about them. none of you culd do that but if they were here now id shake there hands

Comment by arf — Wednesday Feb 23, 2005 @ 7:54 pm

This comment was left by someone from Great Britain. Now I know they teach spelling over there but even for Great Britain your spelling sucks. You know, because they have all the extra u’s in words. ( I kid)

So they’re your heroes huh? Well, that’s just swell. Because we all know that shooting unarmed people who had no connection with them was heroic. Oh wait, it wasn’t. That’s known as cowardice. Their original plan was to detonate bombs in the school then to shoot people as they fled the building. That’s even more cowardly than what they actually did. Then they took the cowards’ way out by killing themselves rather than facing the music. The ultimate act of cowardice. So in case you missed the point, your heroes are cowards.

The flames of hell are a little more yellow now that the two cowards are there.

Columbine Rampart Range Tape Released

Columbine Killers Documented Training on Tape:

A videotape of the two cowardly Columbine Killers, Harris and Klebold, was released today showing them shooting bowling pins and talking about what it would be like to kill real people. The tape was made 6 weeks prior to the Columbine massacre. Let me just quote the article…

The disturbing, 15-minute tape shows Klebold, Harris, another young man and a young woman doing target practice at a makeshift shooting range in a forested area in Douglas County, Colo.

The group can be seen firing several rounds from rifles, shotguns and a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol at bowling pins, trees, and other targets. Police said some of the weapons were used in the Columbine attack.

They can be heard laughing, joking and making cavalier comments about what it would be like if the bowling pins were human heads or bodies.

The video, taken on a shaky handheld camera on a snow-covered hillside in a national forest southwest of Denver, is the first made by the gunmen themselves to be released to the public.

Klebold at one point holds a sawed-off shotgun and shoots from the hip at a bowling pin wedged between two tree limbs. He and Harris then look at a bullet-shredded tree trunk.

Harris also blows across the muzzle of a shotgun like a gunslinger. At least four different weapons are used in the tape.

And the best one of all…

The videotape has never before been made public, though Brooks Brown, one of Klebold’s friends and the son of Judy and Randy Brown, told Fox News that several people had told him the tape was shown before the massacre in Harris’ and Klebold’s video class.

How many more signs did they need? This will go down in history as the most preventable tragedy of our time. I mean between Eric Harris’ journal, his problems with the law, and now this? How much more fucking obvious could it have been to their parents? All they had to do was look in their garage. If they had, more than 13 people would be alive today instead of just being memories. But with any luck, Harris and Klebold would have killed themselves anyway.