Pa. student arrested for threatening rap song called 'Columbine'


East Stroudsburg classmates’ reactions vary on student’s arrest over ‘Columbine’ rap song:

An 18-year-old student from East Stroudsburg High School North in Pennsylvania has been arrested for allegedly posting a rap song online called ‘Columbine’. He’s been charged with felony counts of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. Of course all the ‘Constitutional experts’ are calling this a violation of free speech, except it isn’t.

In the alleged rap song the student is said to have named staff members of the school by name in his threatening rap. Guess what kids. That makes it a threat which is not protected speech. It doesn’t matter how many samples or R&B Breaks you may have behind it, it’s still a threat. No word on how much time he’s looking at but since he’s 18 it’s big boy jail for him. Now we’ll find out how hard a rapper from the Poconos is.

I’m sure the same people would complain if he did shoot up the school asking why was nothing done to stop him when the signs were there?

Stop being outraged at everything. Be analytical and logical instead.