South African rapist accused of killing witness, his daughter

Alleged killer remains in custody:

Once again spanning the globe to bring you horrors in parenting this is Trench Reynolds.

This story comes to use from reader Southern Lady and by southern she means the south of Africa.

47-year-old Rashaad Kruger is awaiting trial for slitting the throat of his own daughter. You see Kruger is a convicted rapist. He was allegedly caught by his own daughter, Moeniba, when she caught him trying to rape her friend. Did I mention that he was previously convicted of raping another daughter?

To make matters worse his attorney tried getting him off the charges by saying that the prosecution was taking too long to bring him to trial. Luckily the judge dismissed that request.

Remember kids, no matter where you go there’s going to be some monster of a parent that needs to be put away.