Feds charge ‘Gucci Prada’ with being a Backpage child pimp

What a GIS brought up for ‘Gucci Prada’

Feds: Couple forced underage girl, others into Philly prostitution:

Federal investigators have charged Christian Dior Womack, aka Gucci Prada, of Chester, Pennsylvania of running a prostitution ring in Philadelphia that included at least one underage girl who was advertised on Backpage. Ok, hold up for a minute so we can get the tee-hee tickle party put of the way first. Your government name is Christian Dior but you use Gucci Prada as your street name? I’m going to start calling myself London Fog Burberry.

What Womack did was far from funny though. He’s accused of using coercion and threats of violence to turn out the underage girl. He’s also accused of forcing at least two women at gunpoint to work for him. Arrested as his accomplice and equal partner was Rashidah “Camille” Brice.

The lack of detail on their crimes is disheartening because it shows how little that some media outlets care about the online sex trafficking of underage girls. We already know how little Backpage cares.

UPDATE 12/2014: Womack was convicted and sentenced to life behind bars for trafficking a child.