3 convicted in San Diego craigslist killing

Three guilty of murder in Craigslist robbery:

In May of 2011 18-year-old Garrett Berki thought he was going to buy a $600 Macbook Pro off of the San Diego craigslist. Instead Berki would end up being robbed of his money and cell phone before being shot and killed. After being robbed Garrett gave chase in order to get their license plate number but instead wound up face to face with his assailants in a cul-de-sac. That’s when one of them produced a gun and killed Berki.

Last week the three crooks, Rashon Abernathy, 18, Seandell Jones, 19, and Shaquille Jordan, 19, were convicted of first degree murder in Garrett Berki’s death. Abernathy, the triggerman, is looking at 50 to life while his cohorts are looking at 25 to life. A minimum 50 year sentence seems very Un-California but I digress.

As I said before when the news of this murder broke there is no safe place to do business on craigslist. In broad daylight, with a friend, it doesn’t matter anymore, someone will take advantage of the situation no matter how many safeguards you think may be in place.

UPDATE 6/15/2013: Abernathy got 50 years while Jones and Jordan got 25 to life.

Latest craigslist killer may be serial craigslist criminal


Craigslist Shooting Suspect May Be Tied to Similar Crimes:

I originally posted about the murder of Garrett Berki here. The 18-year-old was shot and killed after being robbed in a phony craigslist transaction. Now it turns out that this may not be the gunman’s first rodeo when it comes to craigslist crime.

17-year-old Rashon Abernathy is the accused triggerman in Garrett Berki’s murder. Another victim has identified Abernathy in another craigslist robbery where Abernathy allegedly robbed someone at gunpoint after posting an ad for a Macbook Pro. The same kind of laptop that Garrett Berki thought he was buying.

Once again, when you have a free classifieds site with no moderation and a perceived sense of anonymity you are going to have this kind of crime. Also once again craigslist would rather see their userbase die than make any significant changes.

San Diego area teen killed after craigslist robbery


Dying for a bargain: California college student robbed and murdered by three teens who posed as computer sellers on Craigslist:

18-year-old Garrett Berki was shot and killed this past week after he and his girlfriend were robbed during a phony craigslist transaction.

Berki met with three 17-year-old in San Diego for the purpose of buying a $600 computer. Instead they robbed Garrett of his money and fled in their car. Garrett gave chase in order to get their license plate number but instead wound up face to face with them in a cul-de-sac. That’s when one of the teens produced a gun and shot and killed him.

The three teens that have been charged with Garrett’s death are Rashon Abernathy, Seandell Jones and Shaquille Jordan. They’ve all been charged as adults and have all pleaded not guilty. They’re also looking at 50 to life sentences each.

There are no safe areas anymore to do business on craigslist since it attracts so many criminals anymore. Public place, bring people with you, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Now all we have is to add 3 more names to the list of ‘Craigslist Killers’.

Thanks to all who sent in tips.