A different rat story

Three ‘let rats chew toes off baby’:

A lot of people sent me this story but I went with the Australian article not only because it had more information but also because the way they put it in their first paragraph.

Three people have been accused of endangering a child after rats bit a six-week-old girl and chewed off her toes at their cluttered US caravan home.

I’m not coming down on the Australian lingo I’m just fascinated with the way other countries phrase things even though we’re technically speaking the same language. They almost make it sound like the home was just slightly dusty.

Luckily I’m fluent in the Queen’s English. While a caravan can mean what we in The States call a camper it can also mean, which it does in this case, my favorite form of domicile, the trailer.

Anyway in American a six-week-old child that lived in a filthy trailer had her toes chewed off one of her feet by rats. Police were called to the trailer in Columbus, Ohio after they received an anonymous tip.

A married couple that lived in the trailer Joseph Gunter, 33, and Tina Gunter, 29 have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child as has the baby’s mother’s boyfriend, 18-year-old Todd Trent. The baby’s mother is said to be a juvenile and it’s unknown if she’s been charged.

The only thing missing from this story is meth.

Thanks to Matt, Becca and Astrobeck (possibly the best screen name ever).