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Brooke Bennett’s ex-stepfather sentenced on more child porn charges

Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett

Cullman County man sentenced to prison for child porn:

I’ve been posting about Brooke Bennett for many years now. She was the 12-year-old Vermont girl who was allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered by her sex offender uncle Michael Jacques. Unfortunately Brooke had more than one pedophile in her family, the other being her ex-stepfather Ray Gagnon.

While Gagnon is not believed to have been involved in Brooke’s disappearance he may have had a hand in trying to help cover up the crime. While investigating Brooke’s murder it was discovered that Gagnon was a major child porn purveyor. Not only was he charged for having child porn in San Antonio, Texas, which he received 17 years in federal prison, he also hid a stash of child porn in a house he used to live at in Alabama.

Yesterday Gagnon received 8 years in federal prison for the Alabama child porn charges. No word yet if this would be concurrent or not with his current sentence.

Ray Gagnon pleads guilty to more child porn charges

Ex-stepfather pleads guilty in child pornography case:

Speaking of Brooke Bennett, because we were, the other pedophile in her unfortunate family is back in the news.

Her ex-stepfather Ray Gagnon has pleaded guilty to child porn charges against him in the state of Alabama.

The man has so many child porn charges I swear this feels like a repeat.

Gagnon also admitted that he and Jacques had simultaneous sex with an underage girl in Vermont. Ick.

He also admitted to advising his landlord in San Antonio to throwing out his infamous laptop which contained a pretty good sized cache of child porn and information on the altered MySpace page of Brooke Bennett. If you’ll recall Michael Jacques altered Brooke’s MySpace page to make it look like she ran away rather than being dead at his hands.

If you ask me Gagnon is complicit in assisting Jacques with covering up his crime. In a perfect world that would make him eligible for the death penalty too.

Ray Gagnon sentenced on child porn charges

Ex-stepdad of slain Vermont girl sentenced:

The former stepfather of murdered Vermont girl Brooke Bennett was sentenced today in San Antonio on child porn charges.

Ray Gagnon was given 16 years and eight months in federal prison for the child porn that was found on his computer.

The FBI investigated Gagnon after Brooke disappeared.

Brooke was molested and killed by her uncle Michael Jacques. Gagnon was allegedly summoned to Vermont by Jacques after Brooke’s disappearance. Jacques allegedly altered Brooke’s MySpace to make it look like she ran away.

Landlord in Brooke Bennett case sentenced

Texas man connected to Bennett case sentenced:

58-year-old Kevin Grosenheider was the Texas landlord of Ray Gagnon. Gagnon is the ex-stepfather of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett from Vermont. Brooke was allegedly molested and killed by her uncle Michael Jacques who altered her MySpace page to make it look like she ran away.

Gagnon was summoned to Vermont by Jacques after Brooke’s death. After arriving in Vermont Gagnon instructed Grosenheider to dispose of a safe and a computer that allegedly both contained child porn.

Grosenheider has been sentenced to a year in a Texas prison. Since he aided and abetted a child porn peddler I can imagine that will be 365 days of hell.

Brooke Bennett’s step father pleads guilty to child porn charges

Ex-stepdad of slain girl pleads to porn charge:

Ray Gagnon, the former stepfather of slain 12-year-old Brooke Bennett, has pleaded guilty to transportation of child pornography. Under the plea agreement signed by a federal judge Gagnon could be facing 20-years.

He still faces child porn charges in Alabama.

As you may recall Brooke Bennett was allegedly killed in Vermont by her uncle Michael Jacques. Jacques altered Brooke’s MySpace to make it look like she ran away.

Gagnon is accused of tampering with evidence after hearing of Jacques imminent arrest he had his landlord throw out his computer.

Brooke Bennett’s stepdad seeks plea deal on child porn charges

Brooke’s stepdad seeks deal in porn case:

The former stepfather of murder victim Brooke Bennett is trying to get a plea deal on child porn charges filed against him in Texas and Alabama.

If you’ll recall Gagnon traveled from Texas to Vermont when 12-year-old Brooke was reported missing. While in Vermont he instructed his landlord back in Texas to dispose of his computer which was alleged to have held a cache of child porn. Gagnon was called to Vermont by Brooke’s accused killer Michael Jacques who is Brooke’s uncle.

Investigators in Alabama were tipped off to a house Gagnon owned there where they found two computers containing child porn.

Since Gagnon may have had a hand in covering up Brooke’s brutal kidnapping, rape and murder no deal should be offered.

3rd arrest in Brooke Bennett case

S.A. man tied to Vermont sex assault case:

A 3rd man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance and death of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett of Vermont.

58-year-old Kevin D. Grosenheider of San Antonio, Texas was arrested for helping Brooke’s former stepfather, Ray Gagnon, dispose of evidence. Gagnon rented a room from Grosenheider and had asked him to dispose of Gagnon’s computer which is alleged to have contained child porn.

Now here’s where it gets into Whiskey Tango Foxtrot territory…

Gagnon had showed him and a co-worker images of child pornography that Gagnon had received on his cell phone. The affidavit said the images were of a girl in Vermont whom Gagnon claimed to have had sex with. Grosenheider also told agents he later saw the images on Gagnon’s computer at the home on Timber Pond Road, and that Gagnon detailed the sexual assault of the girl to Grosenheider.

Why the hell didn’t Grosenheider go to the police then? If I was renting a room out to someone who turned out to be a pedophile the cops would be there so fast he wouldn’t have known what hit him. Maybe if he called the police Jacques would have heard about Gagnon’s arrest and would have been scared off from kidnapping and killing Brooke Bennett.

Indictments handed down in Brooke Bennett’s disappearance

Jacques indicted: Brooke Bennett assaulted, strangled, smothered

Michael Jacques was indicted yesterday in the disappearance of his niece 12-year-old Brooke Bennett. Jacques is facing federal charges so that makes him oh so eligible for the death penalty.

A grand jury says convicted rapist Michael Jacques, 42, of Randolph drugged, sexually assaulted, strangled and smothered Brooke and placed a plastic bag over her head. The six-count indictment calls the killing premeditated, intentional and “especially heinous, cruel, or depraved.”

This article states that Jacques has also been charged with her murder.

To read the PDF of the indictment you can go here.

Speaking of indictments, Jacque’s cohort, Ray Gagnon who is also Brooke Bennett’s ex-stepfather, has also been indicted. He was indicted in the state of Texas, where he lives on child porn charges. The U.S. District Attorney has dropped the obstruction charges against Gagnon so he could be easily extradited to Texas.

Have fun in Texas prison Ray.

Gagnon’s computer still missing

Search Continues For Computer Belonging To Child Sex Ring Suspect:

The search for Ray Gagnon’s computer continues. Gagnon is the ex-stepfather of Brooke Bennett and instructed a friend of his to dispose of his computer at the time of Brooke’s disappearance.

Originally investigators believed that it was it a San Antonio landfill since that where Gagnon lives. However they were unable to find the computer in the landfill. Now they’re posting fliers in Gagnon’s neighborhood hoping that someone picked it up out of the trash.

The computer allegedly contains a vast amount of child porn and could possibly contain evidence regarding Brooke’s disappearance.

Gagnon racks up more charges

Former stepfather of Vermont girl indicted:

I’m sure by now those of you who are following the Brooke Bennett story already know that her ex-stepfather has been indicted in San Antonio. Ray Gagnon was indicted on child porn charges there yesterday.

Gagnon admitted to police that he had a friend/roommate/landlord dispose of his safe which contained a computer which contained a massive cache of child porn.

Gagnon was already facing obstruction charges for disposing of said laptop while police were still looking for Brooke Bennett.

For current up to the minute news on this subject you can usually find it in this comment thread where the commenters are doing a great job of posting up to the minute updates.