Comic of the Week: Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Don’t expect them regularly because I suck at keeping schedules, and there aren’t really that many good comics worth noticing out there right now. Plus I have space to fill since a lot of the crime content has been moved to Social Mayhem and Crime Classified.

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the Jason Todd character. I liked him as Robin, I voted for him to live in the Death in the Family storyline, and I loved it even more when he returned as Red Hood.

However, I have been a little disappointed with the character since the New 52. I’d rather see him as DC’s version of the Punisher than another member of the Bat-Family.

I still read Red Hood and The Outlaws since Jason Todd is still one of my favorite characters. The most recent issue isn’t spectacular or groundbreaking, but it made me laugh when Lex Luthor threw out the following quote after promising to heal Bizarro.

Comic of the Week: Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

If that quote doesn’t ring any bells, it’s a quote from the horrible movie adaptation of the video game Street Fighter. The only saving grace of the movie is when Raul Julia, playing M. Bison, turns to Ming-Na Wen, playing Chun-Li, and says…

For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

Here’s the entire scene for reference.

And for that reason alone, issue #13 of Red Hood and the Outlaws is my pick for comic of the week.

Is Red Hood DLC really retailer exclusive?


I’m not as big of a gamer as I used to be however there is at least one game franchise I will drop everything for and that’s the Batman: Arkham series.

Recently, it was announced that the next game in the series, Arkham Knight, will have Red Hood DLC. You already had me sold but to add Red Hood, one of my favorite DC characters, into the mix and you just guaranteed a purchase from me, except for one thing. The DLC is said to be a pre-order exclusive for Game Stop but will it really.

My history with DLC is very limited. I usually wait for Ultimate of Game of the Year editions to come out to get all the content at a better price than buying all the DLC at the time of its release. I did this with Arkham Asylum and Fallout: New Vegas. Will they really keep the Red Hood DLC exclusive once the Ultimate edition is released of keep it from season pass buyers? I highly doubt it since that would be limiting potential revenue from future sales.