The Red Lake bullying myth


In this editorial by Tom Weber of Minnesota Public Radio Mr. Weber decries the lack of teeth of Minnesota’s anti-bullying law. I’ll give him no grief for that however like a lot of journalists Mr. Weber makes somewhat of a false statement. Since it’s Minnesota instead of citing Columbine Mr. Weber cites Red Lake instead…

Then on March 21, 2005, 16-year old Jeffrey Weise killed nine people — including seven at Red Lake High School — in a shooting rampage before killing himself. In the aftermath, authorities looked into reports that Weise had endured bullying and taunts from other students because of his “goth” look and black clothes.

Mr. Weber is actually smart by playing fast and loose with his language. In his quote he says that authorities looked into claims of bullying. It reads like that it’s inferred that Weise was bullied. However by my recollection, just like the Columbine cowards, Jeff Weise was not bullied but was the bully himself. There are accounts that people reached out to Weise but every hand extended to him was slapped away.

Again I bullying is and has been a scourge in our schools however if you use statements that aren’t true to support your point of view you’re doing a disservice to those that you’re trying to help.

Details of Red Lake settlement released

$1.5 million settlement reached in Red Lake shootings:

The settlement that the families of Red Lake victims reached with MacNeil Environmental has been made public.

The families agreed to a $1.5M settlement that will be divided among 21 families. A judge will determine how the money is split between the families.

Red Lake families settle lawsuit

Settlement in Red Lake school shooting:

The families of the victims of the Red Lake shooting have settled their lawsuit with MacNeil Environmental. MacNeil is a security consulting firm that provided Red Lake High with a contingency plan in case of a school shooting. Obviously it failed.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed but both sides are saying that MacNeil admitted no liability. Of course they wouldn’t. Did anyone expect them to say ‘our bad’?

Personally I don’t think you can have a contingency plan for a school shooting because the acts are so random.

Red Lake families sue consulting firm

Consultant sued over Red Lake shootings:

Families of the victims of the Red Lake shooting are suing a consulting firm whose job it was to provide the school with a contingency plan in case of such crises. Obviously their contingency plan didn’t work.

The families are suing MacNeil Environmental Inc. stating that their security plan didn’t work.

The lawyers say they have received strong expert opinion on their claims that MacNeil’s plan was confusing, poorly formatted and contained conflicting directions for school staff.

Normally I’m against families of school shooting victims suing 3rd parties but this lawsuit actually sounds like it does have merit.

Previously the families had sued the Red Lake School District and were awarded $900K between the families.

More on the Red Lake lawsuit

‘No amount of money will bring them back’:

Some more interesting lawyer related details about the Red Lake lawsuit…

The deal ends the district’s financial liability for the shootings because state law caps legal claims against school districts at $1 million.

But families and survivors could sue other parties. Attorneys representing the 27 people involved in the school settlement said they are looking at their options.

“Our investigation into the circumstances of the shooting continues as we speak,” said Minneapolis attorney Philip Sieff, who represented 14 people in the settlement. “This is the end of the families’ claims against the Red Lake School District but not the end of their claims in general over the shooting.”

Who the hell else can they possibly sue? Jeff Weise’s father is dead and his mother is severely disabled. The Jourdain’s? The gun manufacturers?

The settlement includes families of the five students killed and the seven students injured, and one student who was in the line of fire. It also includes five surviving school workers, the families of the two slain school employees and a relative of the grandfather’s companion.

I can see a settlement for those who died or were wounded but there seems to be a lot of extraneous people involved in this lawsuit.

The Ambulance Chasers are killing personal responsibility in this country.

Red Lake lawsuit settled

Families settle lawsuit over Red Lake shootings:

MINNEAPOLIS – Families of victims in last year’s shootings on the Red Lake Indian Reservation have settled a lawsuit against the school district for $1 million.

The settlement was to be distributed among 21 families of shooting victims.

In Philip Sieff, an attorney for the victims’ families, called the settlement “best for everyone because it provides these highly deserving families some compensation for their losses and allows the School District to return all of its focus to education.”

Personally, I don’t see why the school district was sued. They had metal detectors and they had an armed security guard. Granted neither of those steps stopped Jeff Weise but what else was the school supposed to do? Not only that but now you’re taking money away from the school that’s supposed to educate your children.

What does this accomplish?

New Red Lake suspect in court

RED LAKE INCIDENT: Student appears for alleged threats:

The suspect in the most recent threat against Red Lake High School has appeared in court…

DULUTH – A Red Lake (Minn.) High School student being held in connection with recent threats at the school where seven people were killed last year appeared Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Duluth, according to a newspaper report.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis said the nature of the 10-minute, closed-door hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Raymond Erickson was not revealed. The identity of the boy also was not revealed.

Several members of the boy’s family attended the hearing but did not share details afterward. The boy appeared expressionless as authorities led him from the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back, the newspaper reported.

There’s something eerie about the fact that they’re keeping such a tight lid on this.

FBI comment on new Red Lake scare

Student In Custody For Red Lake High School Threat:

The FBI is being very tight-lipped about the new scare in Red Lake…

On Tuesday, FBI Special Agent Michael Tabman announced in a news release, “At the present time, we believe the alleged threat to the Red Lake High School has been neutralized. Because this investigation is ongoing and involves a juvenile, there will be no further comment,” the AP reports.

New threat at Red Lake

New threats at Red Lake School:

Haven’t these kids ever heard the expression “don’t poke the bear”?…

Officials at Red Lake High School arranged extra security after rumors that a group of students planned an assault at the school, which was the site of an attack last year in which seven people were gunned down.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation, reported Tuesday that a ninth-grade student was in custody.

Minnesota high school violent plot foiled:

More details…

RED LAKE, Minn., April 25 (UPI) — Federal officials have foiled a gang-related violent plot at the Red Lake, Minn., high school where seven people were gunned down last year.

An unidentified ninth-grade boy with no record of behavioral problems was taken into custody late last week, and the FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs agents were working at increasing security at the school, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Tuesday.

Staff members and students learned of a “hit list” that contained dozens of names, mostly students and a few staff members, the report said.

If you plan a school attack where people have been previously killed in one, joking or not, the law is going to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Red Lake under lockdown

FBI assisting Red Lake police in investigation:

The schools in Red Lake have been under lockdown since Tuesday while the FBI and Red Lake police investigate threats made against the schools…

Paul McCabe, spokesman for the FBI, said today that the agents are assisting Red Lake police but said he could not comment on the situation. McCabe referred a Herald reporter to the Red Lake police.

Interim Police Chief Pat Graves said, through a spokeswoman, that he would not comment to the news media about the situation.

Tribal Chairman Floyd “Buck” Jourdain Jr., is out of town and unavailable for comment, said a tribal spokeswoman.

A school employee said the schools, including a separate building for kindergarten and Head Start about a mile from the high school and middle school, have been in “lockdown” since Tuesday because of the reported threats.

Superintendent Stuart Desjarlaits said school was in session today but refused to comment on the reported threats.

Employees of the school said that reported threats from several students involving violence at the school lead to the lockdown being imposed. The lockdown means students are not allowed to leave the school building during the day, including no recess outdoors for elementary students, an employee said.

More on this if any more information becomes available.