Twin Cities man charged with Snapchat revenge porn

Minnesota man charged with Snapchat revenge porn

Thomas Evans Conway

22-year-old Thomas Evans Conway of St. Paul, Minnesota, was recently arrested under Minnesota’s revenge porn law. Conway is accused of allegedly posting explicit pictures of his ex on Reddit while linking back to his ex’s Snapchat account. The victim was clearly identifiable in the pictures according to reports. The victim found the pictures posted online after she received an abundance of friend requests on Snapchat. I can only imagine how those requests must have read. “Hey bb wanna trade noods?” Knowing Reddit, that probably would have been the most polite request.

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While technically this is a Reddit revenge porn story, the Snapchat connection allows me to discuss Minnesota’s revenge porn law. Bottom line, it’s no joke. It’s a felony that could lead to three years in jail, a $5000 fine or both. I’ve seen child predators get less jail time, so think about that the next time you want to post naked pics of your ex, or anyone else for that matter, to get back at them.