California man charged with being craigslist child pimp

Colton man arrested after allegedly pimping girl at Redlands motel:

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

31-year-old Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia of Colton, California was arrested in Redlands, California for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia met the girl online using the alias of Albert Mann. He allegedly took pictures of the girl while they were having sex (child rape, the CA age of consent is 18) and used the photos to advertise her on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia is said to have sent the victim into a Redlands motel and told her to wait for him. Instead an unidentified man went in and sexually assaulted her. I would imagine that he paid Mancia-Mejia. The girl reported it to police.

Again how’s that consenting adults thing working out for you? Still clinging desperately to that to justify being a ‘hobbyist’? In most cases the women are hardly consenting and in too many cases they’re hardly adults. By the way craigslist, I thought you got rid of this stuff on your website. Oh. that’s right. You don’t bother to check to see if that’s really true or not.