Backpage child pimp is an actual child


Not only does Backpage have child prostitutes being sold on their website but in this case one of the pimps was a child himself. 16-year-old Jmaire Wray of East Providence, Rhode Island, was sentenced to 6 years after pleading no contest to turning out two underage girls on Backpage.

How could a minor get around Backpage’s ‘stringent’ safeguards to post ads for two minor girls? I mean besides the fact that they used to be able to accept pre-paid credit cards as payment. Wray had a cohort in 20-year-old Reginald Chaney who seemed to be the supposed man in charge of this little operation. Chaney appears to still be awaiting trial.

However, especially for those of you who say there’s no trafficking on Backpage, Chaney is accused of allegedly having one of the girls raped for not wanting to work for him and is said to have repeatedly used a TASER on his victims to keep them in line. That doesn’t exactly sound like the life of freedom that so many of you say Backpage provides these women. Oh, did I say women? I meant to say girls, because that’s what they are, underage girls who are being raped and brutalized while Backpage sits back and claims they’re defending the First Amendment. But keeping drinking Backpage’s Kool-Aid, it may help the denial go down easier.

UPDATE 11/5/2015: Chaney has pleaded no contest.

19-year-old Backpage child pimp arrested in RI


19-year-old Reginald Chaney was arrested in Providence, Rhode Island, for allegedly prostituting two underage girls on Backpage. Chaney allegedly turned out the girls, ages 15 and 16, from January 16th to the 28th around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He’s also accused of tasering one of the girls to get her to comply.

Again, I have to question just how effective Backpage’s laughable screening process is when some 19-year-old kid can manage to get underage girls on their website.