Renee Lester locked her adopted kids in the dark

Renee Lester

Family Members Outraged by Childrens’ Alleged Abuse:

Woman Accused of Locking Up and Abusing Children:

Cleveland woman accused of mistreating foster children is out of jail:

46-year-old Renee Lester of Cleveland, Ohio was arrested last week for allegedly committing severe abuse against her 3 adopted children. She is said to have kept them locked in an attic with all the lighting removed or the basement again with all the lighting removed. The children have also said that Lester beat the children, ages 12, 12, 10, as well.

The kids were not allowed to use the bathroom at night and when they were locked in the basement police say there was a motion detector set up on the basement toilet to keep the kids from using it.

Occasionally they were allowed to sleep in a bedroom but the door had double locks and only a single mattress. The rest of the time the kids were forced to sleep in the attic or basement with no bedding.

The kids actually are Lester’s sister’s. She is a former drug addict who articles say has been clean for 6 years and wants the children back. To make it worse Lester has 4 of her own biological children who are said to have been treated wuite well actually and the house is in pretty good order, you know, outside of the kids that are being locked away like the girl in the pit from Silence of the Lambs.

Other family members say that they have called Children’s Services at least 10 times to no avail. Two Children’s Services employees have been placed on leave, no word if it’s unpaid or not.

Letser allegedly treated the children this way because they….wait for it….we’ve heard this one before….they stole from her. What the hell could three children possibly steal to receive that kind of punishment. Hell, carjackers don’t receive that kind of harsh punishment.

If she put more effort into actually taking care of them instead of setting up elaborate prisons for them she could have been mother of the year. Now she’s just another useless Breeder.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.