Nevada man charged with 2009 MySpace rape

Reno man arrested on suspicion of sexual assault charge via online dating service:

Daniel Harvey Riggs

Daniel Harvey Riggs

26-year-old Daniel Harvey Riggs was a suspect in a 2009 MySpace rape of a woman at a Reno, Nevada casino. He was not charged due to lack of evidence. However Riggs was arrested back on March 21st for the alleged rape of a woman from Sparks. Nevada after meeting her on an online dating site. After that arrest police began looking again at the 2009 rape.

Police believe Riggs may have even more victims…

Lopez declined to give specifics, but said police have evidence to believe more victims are involved and asked anyone with information to call Reno police at 775-334-2115.

I guess no one knows the recidivism rate of non-convicted sex offenders huh?

UPDATE 12/9/2013: Riggs was convicted and sentenced to 40 years. He must serve 16 before he is eligible for parole.

Thanks to catwoman for the tip.

Reno craigslist pimp bragged of turning woman into prostitute

Robert Pariset-Bailey

Busted For Prostitution Post On Craigslist:

Citizen tips lead to arrest of alleged Reno pimp, help get alleged teen prostitute off the street:

White Reggae Man over there is 27-year-old Robert Pariset-Bailey. He was recently arrested in Reno, Nevada for allegedly prostituting a woman in exchange for drugs.

Police in Reno received a citizen’s tip about the craigslist ad allegedly posted by Pariset-Bailey that offered a woman in exchange for drugs. Police set up a meeting with Pariset-Bailey and gave him cash and fake meth. He allegedly bragged about turning the 20-year-old woman into a prostitute and said that he had other women as well.

The woman was arrested as well however she was referred to resources to help her get out of the business.

But Trench, isn’t prostitution legal in Nevada? Yes, but not in Reno or Las Vegas. This goes to prove my point that legalizing prostitution does not make the dark side of it go away. You can go to all the other counties in Nevada you want yet prostitution is still prolific in the two casino towns.

By the way craigslist, this is real community policing. Not your bullcrap way of letting the criminals on your website decide which ads should be flagged. Maybe you should look into real community policing.

Reno man poses as woman on craigslist to rape lesbians

David Schmitt

David Schmitt

Reno man accused of posing as woman on Craigslist, sexually assaulting victim:

Man arrested for sexual assault and coercion:

Craigslist never ceases to amaze me in the levels of depravity its users will sink to. Case in point, take 31-year-old David Schmitt of Reno, Nevada. Police say that Schmitt would pose as a woman on craigslist in order to rape women that had posted ads in the women seeking women section.

Schmitt allegedly sent his victims nude pictures of some women and in return they would send him pictures back. Schmitt would then use the pictures and information he got from the victims’ Facebook profiles in order to blackmail them into having sex with him. If they did not comply to Schmitt’s demands he would rape them.

So far only one victim has been identified but police believe he may have more victims.

If anyone has information related to this crime, the suspect or has been victimized by Schmitt should contact the Reno Police Department at 775-334-2115, Secret Witness at 775-322-4900.

AGain ladies, gay, straight or otherwise, if you put yourself out like this on craigslist you could be making yourself a victim to scumbag predators like this. This also shows not to put all of your life’s little detail’s out there on Facebook as well. Too much information can be a dangerous thing.

UPDATE 9/16/2012: Schmitt has pleaded guilty. He’s looking at 10 years for each extortion charge and 20 years for the attempted rape. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in November.

Another drunk Breeder lets his kid drive

Reno police: Intoxicated man arrested after letting son, 11, drive car:

Not a lot of detail on this one but police in Reno, Nevada arrested Carl Richard Buchanan for allegedly being drunk while letting his 11-year-old son drive him home. Luckily no one was hurt.

To be honest the real reason I wanted to post this story was because of the mugshot and so I could give one of my infamous panty bunching statements.

Soul patches are for douchebags.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Woman drives drunk with kid in car near Reno

NHP: Alleged DUI driver leads NHP on chase into Sun Valley with child in minivan:

That ravishing beauty over there is 41-year-old Angelica Godinez of Antioch, California. She has the distinction of being recently arrested in the Reno, Nevada area for leading police on a chase, in a minivan, while intoxicated, here it comes….wait for it…with a 10-year-old child in the van.

Also in the vehicle were an adult female and the adult female’s 10-year-old daughter. The child was not the daughter of Godinez.

The Nevada Highway patrol says she sped by past officers who had stopped another car and almost clipped them.

No word on her BAC so we can not adds her to the board just yet.

According to the article this is common place for this area of Reno and Godinez was the 6th person stopped for drugs or alcohol with a child in the car.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Reno idiot Breeder with lame excuse

gespinosaDetectives: Reno father beat child unconscious, then claimed the child fell from bed:

Don’t get ahead of me just yet.

Anyway that’s 19-year-old Gerardo Espinosa of Reno, Nevada. He’s accused of beating his 2-year-old son (do the math) into unconsciousness.

At the hospital this moron tried using the ‘he fell out of bed’ excuse. That’s right up there with ‘she walked into a door’ and ‘she said she was 18’.

I hate to keep repeating myself but I’ll keep saying it until I don’t have to say it anymore.

To all the scumbag child abusers out there. You are not smarter than the police and you sure as hell aren’t smarter than the doctors and medical staff. So instead of having to lie to the police and hospital how about not beating your kids. Ever think of that ya dumbasses?

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Reno Rick busted for child porn

Richard Allan Cassady

Richard Allan Cassady

2 Reno men arrested for possession of child pornography:

That’s 49-year-old Richard Allan Cassady of Reno, Nevada, aka Reno Rick. He was recently busted in Reno for possessing child porn. It seems that he also may have been posing as a 13-year-old girl on MySpace looking for other victims. No word yet if he was successful or not.

Cassady had been previously convicted in both Nevada and Pennsylvania of possessing child porn.

A sex offender re-offending. Who would have thought?

Reno man arrested for luring teen boys

Police: Reno man used Craigslist to lure boys to home:

32-year-old Jason Hunter was arrested on Thursday for using craigslist to lure two teen boys to his home before sexually assaulting one of them.

According to police, the suspect met the two boys, 13 and 15, through Craigslist under the ruse he was a 20-year-old woman.

During online conversations, the “woman” asked the boys to come over to her cousin’s home where they could party, investigators said.

One of the boy’s misled his mother into giving them a ride there, saying instead it was a friend’s home.

Hunter is accused of providing them alcohol. Both boys later passed out on his bed, and the younger boy told police he awoke to find the suspect sexually assaulting him.

Granted this guy is a piece of trash that should be locked away in a hole somewhere but what parent allows their kids to go on craigslist? Just like everything else I’m guessing that most parents aren’t even aware what lurks on craigslist let alone knowing what it is.